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Ten Things Tuesday

Plus one.

Here are ten of my favorite holiday decorations, plus a bonus.

This is a little bamboo seahorse.  I believe that I bought him from Pier One about 25 years ago; he may well have been one of the first ornaments I bought for my own tree when I moved out.


This is also a bamboo ornament, also from Pier One, and also about 25 years old.  I’m particularly fond of this little guy; he reminds me of my adopted mom, who keeps koi in a pond in her back yard (or in a ginormous tank in the basement during the winter).


Here’s a little star Santa.  I don’t know when I got him or where, but I’ve had him for a while.  I’m fond of him for reasons I can’t quite explain; maybe it’s that the star shape reminds me of my babies in little snowsuits (when they were babies, of course; they’re not babies anymore…).  Anyway, isn’t he cute?


I have a particular affinity for crescent moon Santas, and I love that this one is black.


Here’s another crescent moon Santa, and another 25-year-old Pier One purchase.  I think he was all of 50 cents at the time…


I’m not sure what it is about this star that appeals to me so.  I’ve got several other five-pointed stars on the tree, but this one catches my attention more than the others.  Perhaps is the red stained glass; it glows a very pretty garnet in the white tree lights.


This may well by my favorite crescent moon Santa.  He’s tiny – about the size of my crooked thumb – but I never have any trouble finding him in the tree.  He’s porcelain, and is exactly what I think a crescent moon Santa ought to look like.


This little guy has been a favorite of the girls FOREVER.  If you pull his string, he dances for you.  Ever since the girls were babies – and indeed, even now that they’re not – they’ve adored this ornament.  He needed to have a shoulder glued back on  (he’s another of the 25-year-old Pier One ornaments) but he seems none the worse for wear.img_2314

I bought this ornament – and another very like it – last year from the Christmas Tree Shops.  The Santas inside the snow globes are ADORABLE, and I’m hoping that the O’Mama children will let me use some of their Sculpy so that I can try to recreate this Santa carrying a pride flag (or, better yet, they will make one for me!).


This ornament was made for me by my friend – who isn’t a rabbi, but probably should be.  I decided a few years ago that I wanted the decorations on our tree to reflect the kind of inclusiveness and open-mindedness that we try to live in our lives, and I needed to have a representation of not only my Jewish friends, but also of the work that I do in Holocaust education.  James kindly obliged me with this Star of David.


Finally, this isn’t an ornament on the tree, but it counts as one of my favorite decorations, so I’m adding it as an eleventh thing.  A tealight goes between the shadow of Santa in his sleigh and the moon, and I love this so much because it is both whimsical and classy at the same time.


Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


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