Kizz Does It Better

I believe that I’ve made clear my admiration for Ms. Kizz and her talent with the Hot People Posts. Despite the fact that I continue to bow to her particular talent in that area, I’m going to take a stab at a Hot People post myself, as I’ve been watching movies lately and have been impressed by some of the beauty I’ve seen.

Let’s start with an old favorite, shall we? Bruder, Mr. Chili and I watched Enemy of the State the other night. Sigh. I do love Will Smith.


I know it sounds strange to say, but I admire a man even more who’s completely devoted to his wife


We also rented a couple of profoundly disappointing movies over the course of the last week. We started with Traitor, which I’d been looking forward to with almost rabid anticipation but which turned out to be an utter dud. Oh, well; at least the scenery was nice to look at.



I brought The Mummy; Tomb of the Dragon Emperor home from the video rental place yesterday. Don’t bother. I had high hopes for the film; I knew it was camp (I’d seen the first two Mummy films) but I was unprepared for how really bad this was – I dozed off in the middle of it. Again, there was only one redeeming quality.



Maybe next Monday, I’ll do a Hot Women Hot People Post; I like to be fair.

Happy Monday, Everyone!



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14 responses to “Kizz Does It Better

  1. I think you do ’em just fine. I’m especially intrigued by that photo of the Pinkett-Smiths. Do you see how he’s got her back wrist encircled.

    Thanks for doing the Don Cheadle one, I don’t think I could have brought myself to it. He’s purty but…

    I’m watching DVR’d Band of Brothers. If you’re ever in need of a reminder that good cinema exists I suggest even a brief trip back to BoB. Lord, such good work.

  2. I was just saying last night that I love Will Smith!

  3. I totally agree with you about both those movies. Traitor should have ended 45 minutes before it did, and The Mummy, well, Rachel Weisz is much better at camp. *sigh*

  4. Thank you, Kizz. I study at the feet of the Master.

    Auntie got me Band of Brothers for Christmas!!! I’m THRILLED by it and can’t wait to start at the very beginning (instead of jumping in whenever I come across it on Bravo).

    NurseExec, I had myself ALL worked up for Traitor. The trailer intrigued me, and I was all ready for all kinds of clever twists and narrow escapes and moral high ground. I got none of that, and it made me sad. All that anticipation for nothing.

  5. You got stuck watching all sorts of bad movies! And, unfortunately not movies with any real eye candy for the guys!

  6. mike

    I just realized that I am totally dedicated to Will Smith’s wife too.

  7. now, I thought Smith and Pinkett got divorced. What did I get wrong?

    Oh, my bad, it was another woman he had divorced (thank god(dess) for wikipedia).

    You do know he’s a close friend of Tom Cruise, right?

  8. Band of Brothers is excellent! You are going to love it. In addition to the incredible story, you will find other hotties to put on your nom, nom, nom list.

    Also? Don Cheadle is HIGHLY underrated. Every time I see him in a film I wonder, is this going to be it? Is he finally going to get the recognition he deserves?

  9. Is there a more beautiful couple than Will and Jada? Seriously. If I were ever going to venture into a swinging lifestyle, they would be #1 on my list of couples with which to swing.

    And I’m pretty sure my beau and I are #1 on their list, too. :snort:

  10. twoblueday

    Those “Mummy” movies were really awful.

    Haven’t seen “Traitor.”

    I saw some episodes of “Band of Brothers” on the TeeVee. My perspective, having been to war myself, might be different from some others’.

  11. twoblueday

    Hey, in honor of your post and affinity for Mr. Smith, I rented “Hancock” this afternoon on ppv, and watched it. Was it a good movie? I haven’t the faintest idea. Is Mr. Smith just about the most appealing thing in film? You damnbetcha!

  12. Love, LOVE Will Smith. Also adore the very talented Don Cheadle. I think is so unrated!

  13. YUMMMMMM!!!! Will Smith is close to the top of my list. And I agree that part of the reason is his devotion to his gorgeous wife (who would also be on my list)… and how he looks without a shirt! (Didn’t like the 3rd Mummy, either.)

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