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A “Fucking Frantic, Ferrying Friends, Floral Friday.”

We had the roof replaced a few months ago, and now it’s leaking.  A lot.  Like, Mr. Chili drilled holes in the ceiling and put a bucket under it.  We’ve got icicles where we never did before, and it’s baaad around here.  We’re waiting for the contractor to show up to tell us what he can do to fix it, at least temporarily, until we can get a more permenant fix in the spring.

That’s part of the frantic that will be my Friday, but not all of it will be bad.  I go to the club to teach my yoga class in about ten minutes, then I’m coming home to hopefully find O’Mama in my living room.  From there, we’ll head out for a light lunch and a little shopping, then I’ve got to head out to pick up  Tonks, who has some sort of rare eye infection, and ferry her to her doctor’s appointment.

After THAT, I come home, grab the girls, and go BACK out, this time to visit grandparents.  After two grandparental visits, we’ll come back to a hopefully drier Chez Chili and crash.

Today’s flowers are an aster –  it symbolizes patience…


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and chamomile – it symbolizes fortitude.  I’m going to need both today, I think…


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Happy Friday, Everyone!


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