No matter how hard I try, nor how careful I am, sewing is continually a losing battle for me.

I managed to put together two more yoga mat bags – one for me with the dragonfly satin, and one for a colleague from the English department at Local U. who also takes my yoga classes.

Blair’s cat found her yoga mat while she was away one afternoon and discovered that it’s just a lovely scratch pad, so my friend needs a method of containment that not only keeps Henry the cat from digging his claws into it, but that also affords her convenient travel on public transportation.  I promised her a bag.

In reality, putting a mat bag together is really very straightforward and simple – it’s all straight lines.  Still, I manage to screw SOMETHING up every time I make one – I’ll forget to set the strap in the seam before I sew it, or I’ll put the thing together so that the lining is wrong-side out when I flip everything around, or I’ll make the channel for the cord too narrow for my little threader-thingy to fit through.  Today was no exception (and yes – I did all of those things).  I’m also concerned for the integrity of the fabric I chose for Blair’s bag; it’s a lovely green satin sari fabric, but it’s not particularly sturdy.  I’m hoping the seams hold.


(sorry about the crappy iPhone photo – I’ve got a screaming headache now and I’m too lazy to download a picture from the camera.  I’m going to go take some Adv*l and lie down.)



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9 responses to “Imposter

  1. They are pretty, though. I am not much of a seamstress, either. I have to be working on something pretty forgiving. A couple of weeks ago, I was putting together some triangles into squares for a simple quilt block. Easy, right? Well, I started assembling the little squares and realized I had sewn them on in mirror-image to what they were supposed to be.


  2. kwizgiver

    I’ve tried sewing and knitting and… well, every craft and I just can’t master any of them. So you’re a champ in my book.

    Good job. Nice bags.

  3. My mom feels like she failed in the “home ec” portion of my childhood because I can’t even hem pants or sew on a replacement button. Creating an actual bag would be quite disastrous for me.

  4. Laurie B

    We’ve always called it “home ick”.

    I use to knit and crochet and never could sew anything. Once I took up with the chainsaw I gave up those other projects. I’m getting older though and crochet is looming just around the corner again.

    If the ice storms didn’t wreak too much havoc at the camp, I may not need to even start up the saw this year. We’ll find out in April or May when we go up for a look see.

    I’m appreciative that you can sew at all. Maybe the sewing project caused the headache?

    Hope the headache is better. It’s been years but I still keep migraine meds around all of the time.

    Off to New Orleans for a week, some work, some play. We’re looking forward to sharing great food with friends. Thanks for your advice Saintseester.

  5. Organic Mama

    I think it’s lovely and if it’s functional as well it’s made with love, whatever its imperfections. I bet it’s just fine and you know what, it’s pretty!

    Don’t get ME near a sewing machine – I ask my husband…

  6. given that morgan’s my sister, it should come as no surprise that i’m in a relatively similar boat. it’s funny, though – over xmas break, i had my mom sit and teach me how to sew on a button and hem pants. it felt like a great mother-daughter moment, plus i had a great new useful skill!

    then tonight, i sat down in my own home, hundreds of miles from my mother, and tried to hem pants. within four minutes, i had to call her on the phone to have her talk me through it because it’d turned into a complete clusterfuck already. woo!

    so, uh, yeah – good job, you, for doing that whole bag thing!

  7. Laurie B

    I agree with O’Mama. When anything is created with the courage of love then it is a perfect thing. Blair will love it and her cat might too. So be it. Your effort and gift is no less treasured.

  8. kizzbeth

    The bags are lovely, regardless. Sorry it was so frustrating. Maybe it means you need to sew more often so all those steps become second nature? 🙂

  9. That would give anyone a headache! And at least you put up a picture when you’re lazy. When I’m lazy, I just don’t post because I don’t feel like dealing with the pictures.

    (Laziness is not the ONLY reason for my infrequent posts, but it definitely plays a factor in my crazy life.)

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