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Quote of the Day

Brought to you by Dan Froomkin of White House Watch:

Bipartisanship doesn’t necessarily require that the ruling party defers to the minority. It could simply mean that both sides treat each other like grownups.

Amen, Brother!


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Calling Out the Crazies

I’ve been accused of being one-sided – of only calling attention to those crazies on the fringes of things that I dislike or tend to not associate myself with.  Well, in the interest of fairness – and because, you know, I’m NOT one-sided – I’m calling out some crazies from the left.

PETA is some kind of fucking crazy lefty organization, and despite my general thinking that animals should be treated ethically, I cannot bring myself to listen with any kind of seriousness to anything that comes out of the PETA camp.

I mean, seriously?  Sea kittens?  REALLY?  Oh, and trying to convince Ben and Jerry’s to use human milk in their ice cream may have been good political press, but it’s just stupid – the variations in human milk are far too wide for any kind of quality control, and the fat and sugar content in human milk would make an already decadent dessert entirely irrational as a dietary choice, even for the most hedonistic among us.  PETA decided to try to use sex to get their latest message across and, frankly, that’s not working too well for them, either (though they are getting a lot of airtime, I’m not sure it’s the kind of attention they’re hoping for).

I have nothing against vegetarians – hell, some of my best friends are vegetarians – and I think that all human beings have a moral obligation to treat all of the Earth ethically, but I also think that the PETA people ought to rein it in, and more than a little bit.

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Their out-in-orbit tactics and utterly ridiculous messages aren’t earning them any credibility from anyone who, you know, THINKS, be they right OR left of the political spectrum.  I appreciate that the crazies get us talking and thinking about important issues, but there’s a line there and PETA regularly crosses it.  As a liberal, I’m ashamed that these people are associated with the left – and they should be, too.


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