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Girlfriend Saturday (and Sunday)

I’m anticipating the arrival of one of my Capital-G-Girlfriends this afternoon.

Mr. Chili left this morning for BoBo’s place in the Birkshires, and Mrs. B is due here in a little under an hour.  It’s a thing we do; rather than packing up a whole family and heading to the others’ house, one of us from each family goes for a sleep over – either BoBo comes here and I go to Mrs. B, or Mr. Chili goes there and Mrs. B comes here.  It’s complicated, but it works for us.  Mrs. B likes this arrangement, I think, because it means she gets to be in a houseful of girls instead of being the only female at her address.

I’m looking forward to her being here.  My plans for the day include bringing my girls to play dates so I can have an untinterrupted big-girl afternoon with my friend, whom I’ve not seen for any appreciable amount of time since Dudley’s wedding in 2007.  Possible diversions include strolling in Quaint Coastal City, window shopping, and possibly tea and pastries, though Mrs. B called to report that she’d fallen on some ice yesterday and may not be up for much strolling.  Regardless, we’ll make something work.


(we’ll be sitting INSIDE; it’s a nice day out – and the weather’s above freezing for the first time in what feels like weeks – but we’re not quite THAT hardy.)

Punkin’s got a sleep-over, but we’ll pick Bean up and head back to Chez Chili for a quiet evening of wine and girl-talk.  I’m hoping to bring Mrs. B to my yoga class tomorrow, but a lot will depend on how her knee is feeling.

I hope you have as good a weekend as I’m planning to have!


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