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An Appeal for Aid

There are terrible things happening in Australia right now; unthinkable, horrifying things.


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Go here.  Give them five dollars.  Help in any way you can. If we all do a little, it will help a lot.

We all belong to each other.  I am my brother’s keeper.  If there is suffering that I can ease, I will do what I can.  Will you?


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Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things I Don’t Do.

Last week’s TTT was a list of responsibilities around Chez Chili that seem to fall almost exclusively to me.  This week’s list is of things I rarely have to do because Mr. Chili takes them on himself.  Fair is fair, after all.

1.  I don’t shovel the driveway. Mr. Chili takes on this task with a positive attitude that often stuns me.  I’d rather do just about anything than go out in the snow and cold (sometimes in the dark, even), to push however many inches of snow off the driveway.   My husband does it without complaint, often more than twice in a storm and sometimes in the wee hours of a Sunday morning so I can get to work.   He’s my hero.


2.  I don’t feed the cats. It’s actually kind of funny; the cats will yell at me first thing in the morning because I am She of the Milk Bottle and I share a little with them when I’m preparing my daily dose of Ovaltine.  Later, though, they’ll all line up and stare at my husband – occasionally yelling at him, just for good measure – until he makes his way to the bathroom where the kibbles live under the sink.  More often than not, they’ll trip him up on his way in their excitement for breakfast or dinner.

3.  I don’t work full time. Mr. Chili is, and has been since we met, the primary breadwinner in the family.  As an engineer, his earnings are now and will likely always be more substantial than mine, and he’s the one who keeps our family financially secure.  More than that, though, is that he values the work I do in the home, and thinks, as I do, that it’s important that I be available for the girls.

4.  I don’t plan vacations. My beloved has an almost preternatural knack for planning getaways.  I’ve never taken a bad vacation with this guy, and all I have to do is pack.

5.  I don’t buy electronica, computer software, or cars. Though his penchant for hyper-researching EVERYTHING… EXHAUSTIVELY often annoys the ever-loving crap out of me, I have to concede here that Mr. Chili rarely winds up with duds or lemons.  He comes to the point of sale with knowledge not only of the product he wants and what it can and cannot do, but of what a reasonable price for said item should be.  I believe he’s in the process of investigating big-screen T.V.s at the moment, we’ve got a couple of 16-year-old appliances that aren’t going to last forever – namely the dishwasher and fridge – and we’ll need to replace Fraulein, our 12-year-old Jetta, sometime in the not-too-distant future, as well.  By the time we need the car, he’ll know exactly which one, practically to the VIN, that we’ll come home with.


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6.  I don’t grill, bake chocolate chip cookies, cook pancakes, or make cheese souffle. All of these things are the sole purview of my husband, and he does each of them with skill and aplomb and with the consistent praise of all his girls.

7.  I don’t drive long distances. Whenever we’ve decided to drive somewhere that’s more than, say, two hours or so away, Mr. Chili takes the wheel.  He’s navigated us safely to and from Syracuse, NY, Williamsburg, VA, and Washington, DC, and he does most of the driving when we’re on vacation.  I just sit back and enjoy the ride.  I love it.


Aside from an occasional glance at a map, this was all the work I had to do on our trip to and from DC for the inauguration.  I have it rough; I know.

8.  I don’t execute home repairs. Though I may be the one to call contractors for major work, if there are small repairs around the house that need doing, Mr. Chili handles it.  He fixes leaks, replaces belts in driers, upgrades computer hard drives and replaces keyboards, patches holes, un-sticks windows, replaces mailboxes, and installs ceiling fans.  I don’t think he particularly LIKES to do those things, but he does them anyway, and does them well.

9.  I don’t mow the lawn. I think he likes mowing the lawn quite a bit less than he minds shoveling the driveway (which really just confounds me), but Mr. Chili’s insistence on doing the task comes directly from a concern for my safety.  New England soil is really rocky, and regardless of how many stones we toss into the woods, the lawn mower regularly sends little missiles out of its chute with frightening velocity (ask JRH about the time he blew out one of her car windows).  Everyone is banished to the interior of the house (or, at the very least, to whichever yard – front or back – he’s NOT mowing at the time) when the lawn mower gets fired up, and though it’s funny to see him out there in his safety goggles, boots, and work gloves, it’s nice that he takes safety so seriously.

10.  I don’t take out the garbage. I’ll get everything staged – I’ll clean out the fridge and get the recycling all bundled and ready to go – but the actual bringing of the trash and recycling to the end of the driveway is something Mr. Chili always handles.

Funny.  I found writing the list of things I DON’T do much easier than compiling the list of things I DO.  Huh.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


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