An Appeal for Aid

There are terrible things happening in Australia right now; unthinkable, horrifying things.


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Go here.  Give them five dollars.  Help in any way you can. If we all do a little, it will help a lot.

We all belong to each other.  I am my brother’s keeper.  If there is suffering that I can ease, I will do what I can.  Will you?



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6 responses to “An Appeal for Aid

  1. If they ever catch the fools responsible for this, they deserve something horrible.

    I cannot understand why a human being would do this to others.


  2. Laurie B

    Just went and did that, thanks for the link.

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  4. Organic Mama

    Thanks for the links; we have GOT to help if we can.

  5. mike

    You bet I will.

  6. Laurie B

    The fires in Australia are horrific and hard to comprehend. They have had 1/4″ of rain in the normally “rainiest” month, normally two to three inches of rain expected. There’s been a eleven year drought and then some jackass with matches goes and torches everything. Lives, homes, towns, cities. Who could hate that much that they could go and start fires?

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