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Blink…. Blink…


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How about a little lesson in the definition of “ETHICAL” here, folks, because that sure as HELL isn’t ethical speech.

I TOLD you they were a fucking batshit crazy organization….


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Do They Just Not BELIEVE Me?!

My father-in-law celebrates a birthday today.  He’s 87.  Not bad, for an old guy.

Here’s the thing, though; they’ve invited Mr. Chili and me to dinner tonight at a fancy-pants place that’s famous for its…. wait for it…. SEAFOOD.

Seriously; aside from the salads, there are literally only five menu items that I can eat – and only then if I make sure the kitchen staff knows to not cross-contaminate my food (or my plate, or my cutlery, or…).

Here’s what I’m wondering; do my in-laws not believe that I have a really dangerous food allergy, do they forget, or do they just not care?

I emailed the place the other day to let them know that I was coming, and I apologized in advance for being a pain in the ass.  I mean, what kind of loser moron goes to a seafood restaurant with a seafood allergy and expects the entire kitchen to cater to their personal safety, anyway?  The manager emailed me back a very kind note assuring me that I was not being unreasonable, and that they’d make sure that the steak tips I’ll have (since there are only five things I can eat – literally – it wasn’t really a choice I had to agonize over) will be safe for me to eat.

I’ve stocked my purse with antihistamines and will try my best to not spend time in the emergency room tonight, though I do have the slightly unhealthy wish that I would suffer a reaction and be carted away in an ambulance, right there in front of my in-laws.  Maybe then they’d stop choosing fucking seafood restaurants for family celebrations.



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