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Are WE having fun!  Seriously?  We could leave tomorrow and I’d consider it an entirely successful vacation, and we’ve still got three and a half days to go!

Yesterday was spent at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure.  We had a singularly fantastic time.  The Chili clan was joined by the TwoBlueDays and their daughter – I’m thinking up a good pseudonym for her, because I can’t very well call her “Daughter,” now, can I? – and Babycakes, who got a mental health day from school for the occasion.

A GIGANTIC vehicle was borrowed so that we could all go to the park in one car.  The day was begun with a side trip to Krispy Kreme for hot donuts which, being northerners, we’d never experienced.  I’m not sure that I have adequate words to put around that experience, now that I think of it – let’s just say that there’s nothing like it where WE come from (and I’m not so sure that’s a bad thing.  Don’t get me wrong; they were yummy, but I don’t think it’s something I’d want to do on a regular basis).

We got good parking and headed right into the park.  A quick stop was made so that Mimi could buy pins and lanyards for the girls for trading with the employees, and then we were in.  Our first goal was Seuss Landing;


where the girls ran though The Cat in the Hat ride (I followed about three cars behind – they were too fast for me), then went right to One Fish, Two Fish.  When I get home, I need to dig out the photographs from the first time we were there – Punkin’ was a toddler and Beanie was JUST about a year.  I’ve got a picture of Punkin’ on One Fish, Two Fish, and it’d be fun to compare them.


After a bit more piddling about in Seuss Landing, we headed for Jurassic Park, where Daughter (I still haven’t come up with a good pseudonym yet) and Mr. Chili headed for Dueling Dragons (thank the Goddess that Daughter loves roller coasters!  I was totally off the hook!) while the girls and I lined up for the Pteranodon Flyers.  We had to wait about 45 minutes for what the park claims is an 80 second ride, but I’m not sure we were on the thing that long.  Regardless, it was a blast and totally worth the wait – especially since all of our children wait relatively well.


(Babycakes and Beanie, not waiting, but rather taking in the scenery – all my “waiting” pictures are facing-forward, and I try to drastically limit recent, full-face pictures of the small people in my life here; I’m sure you understand…)

After a lovely lunch, we sent Daughter and Mr. Chili on the Hulk.  Twice.  Do you think they had a good time?


There were water rides and ice cream and fudge and really?  Just a fantastic time.  I’m going to write later about how quickly and strongly I bonded with Daughter, and about how wonderful it feels to be with chosen family, but for now, let’s suffice to say that the Chili family is having a truly satisfying vacation.


(This picture is a tradition in our family, though usually, Mr. Chili takes a picture of Bruder Chili taking a picture of Mr. Chili taking a picture of… oh, you get the idea.  Keep an eye out for the other Chili vacation tradition; a picture of my cute little feet somewhere warm and sandy – we’ll head for the beach later in the week.)

Wish you were here!


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