F-F-Friday, On Vacation

I had the presence of mind to remember that it’s Friday.  I’m sorry that I’ve missed the last few F-F-Fridays; I’ve felt a little out of sorts lately, but I think I’m better now.

This was one of the first flower pictures I took on the way in to Univeral Studios Islands of Adventure, and I think it came out pretty well.  What do you think?


Yesterday was spent at the beach.  It was pretty chilly, but being hearty New England girls, the Chili Children didn’t give a tinker’s damn that the water was, shall we say, a wee bit nippy?  Honey talked to the lifeguard on duty, and he told her that the water temperature was around 68 degrees, then listed off a litany of states whose residents would think the water was just fine: Michigan, North Dakota, ALL the New England states, that sort of thing.  Honey said she was a native and was told to stay out of the water.  Funny how one’s perspective changes with one’s location.



As promised, here are my piggies on the beach.  It’s not a great picture, but it gets the point across.


We had yet another wonderful day yesterday; the TwoBlueDays had an appointment in the morning, so the Chilis got to watch t.v. and sleep in (the small people did the t.v. thing; the grown-ups slept in.  Ahhhh!), then we all motored to the coast where our first stop was a particularly yummy burger joint.  I didn’t think I’d make it through the entire burger, but I did.  Yum.  After lunch, the children got appropriately wet and sandy (but DIDN’T get stung by the man-o-wars that were on the beach), and we coaxed them out of the water with the promise of ice cream.  We strolled up and down the main street, then got back in the car and headed to BlueMoon’s house (that’s Daughter’s new pseudonym, by the way – I called and asked if she liked it, and she approved) where all our girls jumped into the very chilly pool to shiver a bit before we headed to dinner.

I had a hankering for Macaroni Grill.  The nearest one to our house in New England is almost an hour away, and the last time we went I had the mushroom ravioli and it was YUMMY, so I wanted it again.  Gerry groused the entire way there – in true Gerry fashion – but took one for the team and ate with us.  MINE was yummy, but I’m not sure that Gerry really enjoyed his dinner.  I’m grateful he came with us, anyway; it wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun without him.

After dinner, we went back to BlueMoon’s place so the girls could play a little bit more before bedtime.  All of our daughters were exhausted – mine looked like I’d popped them in the nose; their eyes were all blackened – but they likely won’t see each other again until Sunday, so we wanted them to have the time together.  I came home with BlueMoon, and it was really nice to have a few minutes with just us.  If I lived here, she and I would be great friends; I just know it.

We’re thinking that today will be spent at the Orlando Science Center and the Leu Gardens.  We’re also considering a trip to Sea World on Sunday, and squeezing in strawberry picking and maybe a Cirque show.

Happy Friday, Everyone!



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8 responses to “F-F-Friday, On Vacation

  1. What a gorgeous flower! I’m so glad you guys are having such a wonderful time – you’ll come back home with happy memories and recharged batteries.

  2. SO MUCH FUN!!! I love the writing in the sand. I love the piggies on the beach. I love that the kids got in the water. (I did in Bermuda when it was equally as cold because I don’t live anywhere near an ocean, never have, but the ocean is my FAVORITE thing. How could I not get in?) I love the sleeping in. (That might be the best part, actually.) I’m with Gerry on Macaroni Grill, but we have one here, so if you ever visit, I’ll take you.

    Oh, almost for got the flower. It’s GORGEOUS!

  3. I knew you would find gorgeous blooms in Florida!

  4. Chatty

    When do you go home? We head back tomorrow. I hear snow Sunday. And so of goes

  5. I love your flower photo. It looks like a Christmas ornament! Happy Friday.

  6. 68 degrees right about now sounds heavenly.

    Great, great fff-photo. I’m vicariously on vacation with you and I’m having a wonderful time.


  7. Laurie B

    Sand messages on the beach, nothing better or more fleeting than that. Send a few more, like, summer is coming, oh, the water is warm…the sun is giving us toasty.

    So happy that the Chili family and the TBD and Blue Moon family hooked up. It’s always a happy time when kids get time with grandloves and that BlueMoon and Babycakes get to meet Mrs and Mr Chili and Beanie and Punkin’ Pie.

    Kids love being chilled in the pool, the adults just call it chillen’.

    This is all a wonderful thing. Love to all and long shall you prosper.

    Enjoy what you’ve created. Love happens.

  8. I love you. You know that right? Having said that, butch the hell up! 68 degree water is like bath water to a New Englander!

    Nice job with the flower!

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