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Drawing a Blank

Okay, a little back story:

I am a member of the board of directors for a fledgling non-profit organization whose mission is “to facilitate awareness and diversity programming with schools, businesses, civic groups/organizations, and communities, fostering understanding and respect, opening minds and opening worlds.”  It’s very cool to be a part of this group; the founder is the woman I shared a room with at the Holocaust Fellowship whom I like and respect, and I’m completely behind the idea of putting diversity and awareness programming out in the community.

That being said, I’m not sure how effective I’m being as a board member.  I’ve agreed, for example, to put together an event in the spring (I’ve got to double-check what date I volunteered for).  I have absolutely NO idea what I’m going to do for this, and I’m looking for inspiration from you, Dear Readers, to keep me from coming off as a total loser.

I’ve kicked around the idea of asking a colleague of mine from TCC to come and speak about his experiences marching with Dr. King in Selma.  I’ve also considered asking a colleague of mine from Local U. to come and give his presentation about the African American experience in colonial New England.  I’ve thought about asking Auntie to come and talk about the work that she does with troubled youth and her dealings with the court systems, and I’ve tossed around the possibility of inviting someone from our local GLBTQ outreach program to come and speak to the reality that the denial of civil rights for some means a risk of those rights for all.  I’ve even thought of leading a reading discussion or film critique myself, but I’m not sure what that would involve in terms of usage rights for books or movies.

I’ve thought about those things, but none of them is accompanied by mental trumpet blasts and confetti and streamers, you know?


So, what do you think?  If YOU were going to give up a couple of hours on a Tuesday evening, what would you be interested in seeing / hearing / doing in the way of diversity and social awareness issues?  What do you want to know more about?  How would you like to do that learning?  Help a girl out; I’d like to smack this one out of the proverbial park.

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