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I’ve been trying to think up a clever title for today’s entry, but I can’t find synonyms for “confused” or “joyful” that begins with an F (the closest I got was “fuddled” for “confused,” but that didn’t seem quite right…)

Today’s entry is “Fake, Funny, Confused, and Joyful Fucking Floral Friday.”  First, the “fake.”

Beanie decided that she wanted Muddy Dirt Cake for her birthday sleep-over party tomorrow night.  I went to the local Mega Mart and picked up a pretty white porcelain flower pot (which is currently being made food-ready in the dishwasher) and this bunch of artificial daisies.


I originally had sunflowers in mind, but the selection at the store looked tired and dull.  Bean has approved of this bunch, though, and added that “daisies always seem like such a fun little flower.”

This next image is of that funny little plant that I have whose name I’m not quite sure of, though some of you have suggested that it’s a “goldfish plant.”  Regardless of what it is, it’s clearly happy in my environment, because it’s putting out another little… thing.  I don’t know that I would call it a flower, exactly, but it’s close enough for my purposes.


My Christmas cacti are SOME kind of confused.  Check it out:


This is the one in the south window, and the one over by the kitchen sink (whose window faces north and gets entirely different light than her sister) is budding, too.  Weird.

Finally, I’m posting this yellow rose – which symbolizes warmth, happiness, and joy – for someone I love very much who’s experiencing some wonderful things in her life right now (and it’s about time!).   It’s her joy to tell, so that’s all you’re getting from me.

I couldn’t be happier for you, Honey!


rose image credit

Today will be spent teaching a yoga class, making a grocery store run, having lunch at home with Mr. Chili, baking the above-mentioned cake, and visiting grandparents.  This evening is stuffed full; Beanie and Daddy are going to the “Daddy-Daughter Dance” at the elementary school and (a slightly disappointed) Punkin’ and I are going to partake in yummy pizza and emphatic friendship this evening with Sphyrnatude and most of the O’Mama Clan (otherwise known as the Kronkleheimer-Monekybutts).

Happy Friday!!

Oh!  I almost forgot!  Alan finally posted his interview questions!  I asked him some doozies, too; go on over and check it out.


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