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Kitchen Gardens

I heard on NPR the other day that the seed business, at least in New England, is booming.  The reporter hypothesized that the limping economy is inspiring people to attempt to grow at least part of their diets themselves.  Seed companies in Maine are having a hard time keeping up with orders, and one outfit that used to hire 9 seasonal employees took on 25 this year.


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Several years ago, Mr. Chili and the girls put together a little garden (and I mean little; the thing was only about 6 by 4 feet but, now that I think of it, that isn’t really important to the story).  They grew peas and tomatoes and made an unsuccessful attempt at pumpkins and squash.

I’m thinking that we should do it again.

I want peas and green beans, summer squash and tomatoes, and maybe cucumbers and some hearty lettuces – really, I’d just like to be able to grow my own salads.  I’d also love to get some strawberry plants going (though I think I’ll put those in buckets or planters to keep them safe from birds and critters) and maybe attempt some watermelon, too (mmmmmm, watermelon!).  I’m thinking, too, that some herbs might not come amiss.  I’m also going to see what I can do to encourage my sorry little rhubarb plant to flourish, because I absolutely love the stuff and can’t abide paying almost a dollar a stalk for it in the market.

Of course, it’s a bit too soon to start anything going outside.  This weekend, though, I think we’ll get some peat pots and start some seeds, and I’ll make a trip to our local garden center to see about getting some pre-started tomato and strawberry plants.

Is it spring yet?


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