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According to my calendar, it’s the first day of spring.  I’m not sure that my environment agrees with that, however; I can still see snow out my window and the temperatures aren’t forecast to get much out of the low to mid-forties for the next week, but the calendar says it’s spring, dammit, so it’s spring!

These are my favorite spring flowers.  I boosted all the images from Google because, like I said, all I’ve got outside MY windows is crusty snow, bare sticks, and brown grass.

Crocuses are just so much fun.  Tiny little things, but perky and insistent and sunny:


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I kind of associate daffodils with Easter – I’m not sure why – but I noticed a bunch of stalks coming up against the main campus building at TCC on Wednesday.  I’ve half a mind to go over there on the weekend and steal them…


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Forsythia are essentially a weed around here.  I’ve got a couple of bushes in my yard and I’m stealing peeks at them pretty regularly to see if they’re pushing out buds yet…


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Tulips.  I haven’t decided if I like tulips, really, but great bunches of them are very striking, and these white ones are gorgeous.


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Today is a day off from school for the girls and, as such, we’re all still in our pajamas.  I’ve got some cleaning to do, some grades to determine and submit, and a yoga class to teach.  Sooza and the girls are coming to spend tonight; I’m making a big pan of homemade mac-and-cheese for our dinner and I’ve got to make sure that all their accommodations are in place.  Oh! and I can’t forget that the girls have dentist appointments this afternoon at four.

Have a happy, springy Friday!


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