According to my calendar, it’s the first day of spring.  I’m not sure that my environment agrees with that, however; I can still see snow out my window and the temperatures aren’t forecast to get much out of the low to mid-forties for the next week, but the calendar says it’s spring, dammit, so it’s spring!

These are my favorite spring flowers.  I boosted all the images from Google because, like I said, all I’ve got outside MY windows is crusty snow, bare sticks, and brown grass.

Crocuses are just so much fun.  Tiny little things, but perky and insistent and sunny:


image credit

I kind of associate daffodils with Easter – I’m not sure why – but I noticed a bunch of stalks coming up against the main campus building at TCC on Wednesday.  I’ve half a mind to go over there on the weekend and steal them…


image credit

Forsythia are essentially a weed around here.  I’ve got a couple of bushes in my yard and I’m stealing peeks at them pretty regularly to see if they’re pushing out buds yet…


image credit

Tulips.  I haven’t decided if I like tulips, really, but great bunches of them are very striking, and these white ones are gorgeous.


image credit

Today is a day off from school for the girls and, as such, we’re all still in our pajamas.  I’ve got some cleaning to do, some grades to determine and submit, and a yoga class to teach.  Sooza and the girls are coming to spend tonight; I’m making a big pan of homemade mac-and-cheese for our dinner and I’ve got to make sure that all their accommodations are in place.  Oh! and I can’t forget that the girls have dentist appointments this afternoon at four.

Have a happy, springy Friday!



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10 responses to “F-F-Friday

  1. the trouble with spring is the sun is shines on the doggie nose prints on the french windows, where she sits waiting for me to let her in…

  2. pass me the cleaning materials!

  3. twoblueday

    Lovely flowers.

    You know, tulips caused a financial crisis in Holland at one time comparable (in a way) to the financial crisis we have here caused (allegedly) by the sub-prime mortgage crisis.

    I noticed from the forsythia picture that the blooming shrub is reminiscent of seeing a tabebuia tree in full yellow bloom.

  4. and thus it is Spring! Thanks for sharing the great and bright images of spring!

  5. Today actually felt like Spring, here in the Great White North. Still much snow but it felt good to have sunshine.

  6. mike

    I think I’ll just leave out the part where it was almost 80 here today.

  7. Crocuses, (crocusi?) and daffys are some of my favorite flowers. Violets and columbine, too.

  8. Jen

    It’s only just Friday where i am in Belfast, but in doing my blog at midnight, i decided to post something about it being spring, weirdly enough and searched google for a good image of crocuses, as i can’t take a pic of the ones currently blooming in my garden. I can’t believe there’s still snow where u are!

  9. Jen

    by the way i used the image on ur blog for mine!

    • Jen, welcome to my blog!

      You do know that the post you boosted the image from was written last year, right? We’ve actually had quite a nice few days lately, actually; springtime in New England is such an iffy thing…



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