I Pause to Mourn

This poor, sweet baby.


I go weak in the knees thinking about his mother and her grief, and a white-hot rage kindles in my belly at the idea that the school failed to address his mother’s concerns.

This child was eleven and believed that it was better to end his own life than to endure bullying at school.

Punkin’ Pie is eleven. I’m sending an email to her principal and her teacher to see if I can put together an awareness program in time for the National Day of Silence.

There but for the grace of the Goddess….



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6 responses to “I Pause to Mourn

  1. I wish i could say “never again” and know that to be true.

    Damn the ignorance.

  2. On April 9, 2008 one of our sophomores did the exact same thing for the exact same reason. When I get a moment, I am going to post about what we do now because of it.

  3. It amazes me how quickly adults forget how awful and hateful school can be for a student who is bullied and teased. I’m surprised more school districts haven’t been sued since they seem to largely turn a blind eye to this kind of thing.

    Very sad.

  4. kizzbeth

    Last night I was approached by one of my favorite kids in the area. He must be over 18 but he’s still a kid for me. He’s going to the marines in 3 weeks and is looking for someone to take care of his German Shepherd while he’s gone. This morning I read about this sweet by. Some days it feels like they’re all just slipping through our fingers.

  5. twoblueday

    I have little understanding about why children are cruel. Is it born in the human genetic code?

    Anyway, I hope every school does everything reasonable to control bullying.

    Oh, by the way, if anyone reading this is a bully, stop it.

    I cannot imagine the depth of the parents’ pain.

  6. Laurie B

    My former teacher, Sifu Richard Roy has several links about bullying, please check out the links at http://www.jrroy.com.

    I have always been blessed to be able to support the underdogs and put a stop to bullying when I come across it. It’s not a hard thing to do, it just takes people of courage to stand up and say “This is wrong and I won’t tolerate it”. If kids have to call 911 for mediation, so be it.

    PS to Mr.TBD, there was a neighborhood bully that beat the crap out of a few younger kids. I met him one day and knocked the snot out of him. Perhaps I am the bigger bully, we’ll never now. I’ve never raised a hand since then and he sure as hell quit beating up younger kids. Mediate when you can, keep the peace otherwise, thats my motto.

    Bullying happens and even fourth and fifth graders know the difference. It seems that most of the time the administrative branch wants the paperwork all perfect and just don’t want to acknowledge that they are dealing with young adults. There are always going to be issues.

    Fight like hell for the living. Teach your kids how to speak out for themselves and for others that can’t or won’t.

    I’m sad that this young man was feeling this bad about himself. School could have stepped in but it isn’t just society, it’s family too. The homophobia in some racial communities is violent. We can blame the schools for some of it but the culture wars are also in question.

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