Racing Beach

Racing Beach, originally uploaded by mrs.chili.

We had a glorious, relaxing, and comforting visit with the
TwoBlueDays. We ate, we played games, we hunted sea glass (with great
success!) and we loved. A perfect little getaway.



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9 responses to “Racing Beach

  1. That is AWESOME! I’m glad you have had the opportunity to enjoy a vacation, especially one with that kind of view.

  2. And the thing is, Joe, that’s a crappy cell phone picture. It was MUCH prettier in real life. I’m lucky to have friends in places like this who like my company.

  3. O'Mama

    SO pleased to hear your jaunt out there was such a lovely, pleasant visit.

    Crappy shot? I think you captured the fabulous water and sky just perfectly.

  4. Laurie B

    Sharing love with the TBD’s? not so bad. Time at beach, not so bad.

    Love and hugs and big heart love to the TBD’s and BlueMoon and Babycakes, priceless.

    And all of you get it. Family means the family we each choose.

    I spent time with family of choice for Dad’s 90th birthday..that’s a lot of trips around the sun. What a fabulous day. I hope you all enjoyed the day too.

  5. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day!

  6. Hey Chili,

    Looks like a great beach for sea glass. If you love sea glass you may be interested in joining us at

    If is a private online community made up (so far) of over 1200 sea glass loving members around the world.

    Members share craft and display idea (no jewelry sorry), beach locations, over 5000 photos, shard ID and MUCH MORE!

    Hope to see you there!

    Linda J – By The Sea

  7. So glad you are having a wonderful time!

  8. gerry rosser

    It was a beautiful day on Racing Beach, and there was much love in the air.

    I will miss the four of you until we meet again.

  9. drtombibey


    I am so glad you get to chill out for a moment. You deserve it.

    I referenced you in my blog post today.

    All the best,

    Dr. B

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