A Big Day

My state senate is voting today on both gay marriage legislation and a transgendered rights bill.

I’ve called and emailed my senator to let her know, on no uncertain terms, that the Chili family is strongly in favor of the passage of these bills. If there were a free moment in my day, I’d pack myself up and drive to my capital and stand up in support of these bits of legislation. As it is, I’ll have to content myself with the voice mail message and the electronic letter and hope that the person I helped vote into her job really does represent me.

This matters.


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I’ll report back as soon as I hear the results of the vote.  Send good, compassionate, equality-minded energy to the Northeast today, wouldja, please?



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9 responses to “A Big Day

  1. I know we have said it over and over but what part of “all men were created equal” is so hard for people to understand?

    I’m wishing you luck.

    I happen to live in the Rocky Mountains where men are men and both Utah and Nevada are gearing up to replicate California’s Proposition Hate.

    I’m just hearing the rumblings. If it starts getting more public, I’ll be calling my state rep and let him know that equality means equality.

  2. I hear the gay marriage thing is going pretty well today. I’m glad to see a little more sanity from the government in recent months.

  3. I just heard on Facebook that it passed. Anyone have confirmation and details?

  4. Organic Mama

    IT DID PASS!!! Mazel Tov, NH!!!

  5. Now, let’s focus on getting Maine to pass the legislation!

  6. I’m pleased that we managed to leap this hurdle, but it still has to get past the governor, who’s said he’d likely veto it.

    I’m CRUSHED that the transgendered rights bill was unanimously rejected. I need to find out more about that; it’s totally unacceptable to me that we can’t add a piece about gender identity and expression to our existing anti-discrimination law…

  7. It is impossible for me not to tear up with happiness when looking at the AP slideshow on the gay marriage issue. I hope your legislature has the votes necessary for an override.

    Well done, senators.

  8. twoblueday

    Good for the legislature, Boo for the governor (if he vetoes).

    I don’t quite understand the transgendered issue. Are there actually laws in NH negatively impacting the transgendered?

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