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Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things on my mind:

1.  I understand that it’s a major focus of my life right now, but I’d like for my blog to NOT be exclusively about death and dying, regardless of how healthy and joyful we’re trying to make the process.  I’ll ask for your indulgence while I work my shit out, but I’ll try hard to write about other stuff, too.

2.  I often wonder how some people stand upright under the weight of all their cynicism.  Sheesh!  Lighten up a little, wouldja?

3.  Those of you who know me (and a few of you who don’t) know that I’m an airy-faery nut job.  Well, I’ll tell you what; I’ve been vibing like mad lately – so much so that I’m getting physical manifestations, in the form of goosebumps and non-creepy shivers (they feel more like someone gently stroking my skin, not like the icky feeling you get just before someone jumps out from behind something in an attempt to scare the shit out of you).  I’m also wondering who Gail is; I’m getting strong impressions of someone named Gail, but I’m not sure who she is, exactly.  If any of you are sensitive to this sort of thing, ask your people if they can offer any insight, would you, please?

4.  We’re starting to get notices from Beanie’s school that they’re beginning the transition process to move the 4th graders to the middle school.  I’ve not talked with her specifically about it yet, but I don’t get the impression that she’s at all nervous.  I think that having a big sister sort of blazing a trail is helpful, but I still expect at least a little bit of “new experience” apprehension.

5.  I haven’t heard anything from the charter school (hereafter known by the pseudonym CHS) about the job, yet (and I promise I’ll let you know as soon as I do).  I have, however, heard from my boss at Local U. who’s interested in offering me two sections of Freshman Writing.  I’ve chosen two back-to-back sections on Monday and Wednesday nights so that I won’t conflict with the potential job offer.  Oh, and in a classic case of counting chickens, the CHS director mentioned, during our interview, that she was interested in investigating Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass next year, so I bought a copy and am about to break into it this week.  You don’t think I’m jinxing myself, do you?

6.  I’m off to the store to pick up a few things and, in the process, I’m buying a big bottle of hand sanitizer.  No, not for the H1N1 (which, it seems, was being blown out of proportion – bit surprise there, huh?) but because I don’t want to be the one to bring anything into my mother’s environment.  It’s not the cancer that’s going to kill her; it’s going to be some innocuous cold virus, but it ain’t gonna come from ME.

7.  We had a lousy year for forsythia.  I’m not sure what happened, but about 80% of the bushes only bloomed around their ankles; the rest of the flowers either never developed or never opened.  I wonder if it had anything to do with the ice storm in December?  Anyway, all the mock apples are ready to explode in our yard; I just hope that the rain we’ve got forecast through the weekend won’t knock all the flowers off before we get a chance to enjoy them.

8.  The yucca plant that O’Mama’s mama gave to me is just now sending out roots.  I’m going to give her a few more weeks of sitting in water before I plant her; I want to make sure she’s got a good root system going because I want her to do well.  That reminds me, though; I’m going to have to pick up a sturdy pot to put her in….

9.  If I send them an email, do you think my police station will put someone at the four way intersection at the end of my road?  Hand to Goddess; I see at LEAST 6 people a week blow through the stop lights (imagine how many more must do it!), and I’d like to NOT be the poor schmuck who gets t-boned because some asshole can’t be bothered to move his foot six inches to the left, you know?

10.  I’ve made some good progress on my to-do list today.  So far, I got done a recommendation letter for a former student (one I enjoyed writing the letter for; he did well and I was pleased to say so), I made a “wash your hands and don’t you dare come up if you’re sick” sign for Mom’s front door, I made a gift certificate for an hour yoga lesson for Beanie’s Teacher Appreciation week.  I’ve got to pay some bills, move some laundry, and run a few errands before I head to lunch with Mr. Chili, then to Mom’s to meet the art appraiser and visit with her.  We may go back this afternoon; Punkin’s been really disappointed that she’s not been able to see Nana in the last few days, and if I don’t take her soon, she’s going to melt down.  It’ll be a busy day, but a good one, and I hope the same is true for you.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


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