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Quick Hit: Open Your Mouth and Remove All Doubt

He really is an idiot.

I’m watching the special features on The Last Samurai, and Tom Cruise is talking about all the “in-depth research” he supposedly did on three centuries of Japanese history.  He said, and I quote:

“There’s first-hand data; that which you experience yourself.  There’s second-hand data; that which someone else experience and then tells to you – and then there’s third-hand knowledge which is…. you know…. way out there.”



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Ten Things Tuesday


1. My dear friend (“dear friend” is wholly insufficient to describe him, but you get the idea) has opened a new blog. Add Gerry’s Photo Blog to your feed reader; I guarantee you you won’t be disappointed.

2.  Mom and I watched Made of Honor this morning.  I was expecting to be disappointed, but was surprised to find the film quite enjoyable in a mindless, chick-flick sort of way.  The Last Samurai is playing now.  My GOD, but I love this film! (“Are you a ladies’ man, Bob?“)

3.  Speaking of God, Bill cornered me yesterday to have a talk.  I thought he was concerned about Mom’s meds being increased, so I grabbed my toast and headed to the back deck to chat with and reassure him.  It turned out that it wasn’t her meds he was concerned with; he’s worried that I’m going to hell (and that Mom’s going to precede me there).  Bless his heart, Bill’s faith does not allow for the possibility that there are many roads to enlightenment (in fact, Bill’s faith does not allow for enlightenment at all; only for “heaven” and “salvation”).  I’m rolling a post about the encounter around in my head; watch this space.

4.  I’m hoping to train another caretaker for Mom sometime this week.  Her sister’s daughter just finished her first year of nursing school, and she approached me during the party to offer her help.  I’m hoping she made the offer in good faith (and not in response to her mother’s prodding), because I fully intend on taking her up on it.

5.  We took the girls to see Up the other day.  It is, as all Pixar films have been, thoroughly delightful.  I would gladly spend money to see it again, and I have every intention of buying the DVD as soon as it hits the shelf. (“I hid under your porch because I LOVE you!!“)

6.  I’m frustrated lately by the fact that I have no time/energy/inclination to think/ruminate/write about my life and world the way I usually do.  My teacher blog has sat idle for weeks – so, too, has my yoga blog (not to mention my yoga practice).  I feel the lack of that kind of intellectual exercise almost viscerally.  I’m looking forward very much to picking it up again, though I’m not going to rush it; my energies are directed exactly where they should be right now.

7.  Along the same lines, I’ve found that I don’t have the stamina for reading lately, either.  I tried to pick up Lisey’s Story by Stephen King a couple of days ago.  I’m about 30 pages into the 500 page tome, and I don’t know if I’ll make it much further.  I pulled Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris off the shelf, too; maybe I’ll have better luck with that.

8.  I had no idea that peonies have such a lovely scent.  My grandmother brought a bunch of them to Mom on Sunday, and the family room (where Mom’s got herself set up) smells sweet and light.  I was worried that a lot of people would bring her flowers and the room would seem like a funeral parlor, but such is not the case; we’ve got a couple of bouquets with daisies and carnations and sweet, light, pink and white peonies, and the effect is lovely and cheerful.

9.  Mr. Chili has consented to buy the girls one of these:


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I’m looking forward to having it, really; it means that we’ll be able to stay close to home to swim and not have to pack bags of towels and extra clothes and sunscreen and….  For several years, Bowyer and I went halves on a pool like this, and Bowyer set it up and maintaned it at his place.  He’s done now, though, and Mr. Chili, knowing how much the girls loved the thing, decided that we’d put one up in our yard this year.  I’ve got to get my girlfriend’s husband to bring a load of sand and do some site work to level out a spot for it; hopefully, we can have it up and filled by the weekend.

10.  I am grateful for my friends.  Thank you.


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