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NO Body Expects the Spanish Inquisition!! *Edited!*

Neither do they expect a surprise party for their 47th birthday.  Neither still do they expect a surprise birthday party nearly a month after their actual birthday!


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A few weeks before Mr. Chili’s birthday, I planned a surprise for him for this afternoon.  My sister is coming, as are three of his college friends from far afield (Dudley and another friend from Maryland, BoBo from western Massachusetts).  Several of Mr. Chili’s buddies from work will join us as we have a birthday party at a local climbing gym.

I’m fully expecting to have a wonderful afternoon.  We’ve got the climbing gym from 1-4, then we’ll come back to Chez Chili for burgers and dogs (and, I suspect, some really good wine and hard cider).  I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.

I want my husband to have a good time; he’s been so strong and supportive of me and I want to give a little bit of that back.

Happy birthday, Mr. Chili.  I love you more than anything.

*Edited to include*  It was GREAT!  He was COMPLETELY surprised and we had a wonderful day.  As I write this, Mr. Chili and his best friends are out enjoying an evening at a local brewery.  I’m so glad this came together, and I’m grateful to the men who traveled great distances to make it happen.  They say a measure of a man is in his friends….


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