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Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things I want / need / want to do when I’m done care taking:

1.  I want to clean my house.  Better yet, I want my house cleaned.  I’m keeping up with dishes and laundry and clean sheets every Saturday, but the extra stuff like, you know, vacuuming and dusting and cleaning the bathrooms, is sorely lacking.  I’d like to get back on top of all that.

2.  I want to get my hair cut, and I’d like a manicure and a pedicure, too.  I’m taking pretty good care of my fingers – I’m good at rubbing creme into my fingers while I’m watching movies with mom – but it’d be nice to have a professional job.  I miss feeling pretty.

3.  I need to clean the inside of my car.  Better yet, having my car cleaned for me would be nice.  I still have winter-grit in the footwells of my car, and it’s starting to really bug me.

4.  I’d like to spend some time with my family.  It’d be nice to go somewhere, even for an afternoon, where we can just have fun.  A day trip to an amusement park or an afternoon spent playing in the sunshine would be nice.  I’d like to be able to say “yes” to my children.

5.  I’d like to spend some time with my husband.  Some quality time.  Some just-him-and-me time.  He’s been nothing but supportive of me, and I feel like I’m just taking; it’d be nice to give some back.

6.  I’d like to spend some alone time – some just ME time.  I don’t know if I need to go away for this time or if I can get it in bits and pieces while my family is off doing something else, but I know I need to just be with me for a while.

7.  I want to spend time with my friends.  The people who love me have been so wonderful through all of this, and while I recognize that they understand that I can’t make time for them, I hate that I can’t make time for them.  It’d be nice to meet the people I love for lunch, to have them come by the house, to just be together again.  I want to hang out with O’Mama again.  I’m dying to spend time with the TwoBlueDays.

8.  I want to reengage in intellectual pursuit.  I’ve not been writing, reading, talking, analyzing, or thinking the way I used to, and I miss it.  JRH commented last week that it’s hard to not do the things that make me who I am, and she’s absolutely right; even though I don’t have the energy or the time right now to do my intellectual exercises, I really feel their absence in my life.  I’m ready to be whole again.

9.  I want to reengage in my physical exercise.  My yoga practice has almost completely stalled.  I’ve not been out walking or biking or anything, and that, combined with my tendency to stress-eat, has had a rather negative affect on my body.  I’m looking forward to moving again.

10.  I want to go back to work.  Not right away, mind you, but at some point.  I’m looking forward to seeing my participants at the health club again, and I’m dying to get back into the classroom.


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