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For Sale

My long time readers will remember that I used to teach a step class on Sunday mornings.  The only reason I miss the class is that I had some really great participants.  One of them, a man I’ll call John, stands out.

You know those people you meet who feel like old friends at hello?  John is one of those people for me.  He and I have never spent more than an hour or so together at a time (and then huffing and puffing to 140 bpm), but I can honestly say I love him.  His energy resonates with mine; he radiates kindness and amiability, he’s got a smile that makes me believe that he’s really happy to see me.  I can’t put words around how safe and cared for I feel when I’m around John (now that I think of it, I feel that way around Gerry and Sphyrnatude, too.  I’m very, very blessed, and I’m grateful for it every day…).

The thing is, though?  It turns out that I don’t have to actually be around him to feel good.

Here’s the story; John is a real estate agent, and he’s in the process of selling a property in one of the towns between my house and Mom’s.  Every day – twice a day for almost two months now – I’ve driven past John’s “for sale” sign in front of this house.  Every day – twice a day for almost two months now – I’ve felt a lovely calm come over me as I read his name and think about how I feel in the glow of his energy.

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I wrote to John the other day to tell him that, even though he doesn’t know it, he’s helping me through a very difficult time in my life and, true to how the Universe loves synergy, it turns out that he thinks about me every day, too.  We share a birthday, and he has his gift to me set on the table by his door; he sees the present and thinks about me every time he leaves and returns home.

I believe – no, scratch that; I KNOW – that compassion and love know no boundaries of space and time.  Holding people in your love really does matter.  I know because it matters to me every single day.


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