Daily Archives: June 25, 2009

He Never Heard the “Duh”

A few days ago, my beloved and I were able to spend lunchtime together, and this conversation ensued:

Him: You know you’re married to an idiot, right?

Me: Um, no; that seems to have escaped my notice (Chili’s note; Mr. Chili is one of the smartest people I know).  Why do you say that?

Him: So, the other day, I’m doing something mindless around the house – sweeping the kitchen, I think it was – and I was thinking about what’s going on with you and you mom.  One thought led to another and I found myself  remembering a conversation I overheard you have on the phone, and then I started wondering about what the “N” in n-stage cancer stood for…

Me: giggle, snort

Him:  Then, I swear to God, it hits me like an electric shock; it’s not N-stage cancer, it’s END stage cancer.  En-duh.  All my life, I never heard the “duh.”

I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.  My husband rocks.


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