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Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Random Things:

1.  I can’t figure out how to turn the picture so it’s aligned correctly, but I needed to share this:


The girls asked me a while ago what will happen to Nana after she passes.  They felt they had a pretty good handle on the spirit – the part of Nana that makes her who she is – but they wanted to talk about the body that spirit inhabits.  Since I’m terribly keen on being up front with my children, I explained cremation and what Nana wants done with the ashes that are left.  At this point, the girls asked if they could send anything with her – whether they could send tokens along with her body so that something material of them would be with her forever, and I thought that was a lovely idea, especially since Mom has already asked that the 10 Rules to Being Human she’s got on her fridge be burned with her.  Punkin’s got some chalk drawings that she wants to go, and Beanie wrote this note.  It’s quite plain, from what she wrote, that she gets it, don’t you think? (it’s hard to read sideways; it says Dear Nana, I’ll meet you there.  I might take a little bit.  Nana, I love you; please don’t forget.  I’ll try to tune in on your spirit.  ∞ Xs and Os, Beanie. I love that she’s got the symbol for infinity in there.  My kid rocks.)

2.  Honestly?  I’ve kind of been living under a rock for the last two months.  I only found out about Michael Jackson’s dying because Bill was talking about it one night (too loudly as I was trying to sleep upstairs).  In the short time I had at home this morning, I was folding laundry and watching Headline News when I learned that Billy Mays has died.  I know nothing more than that, just that he’s dead.  Ten minutes later, I found this on the LOL Celebrity site.


I won’t miss him yelling at me on the t.v.

3.  My check engine light is still on.  My mechanic wants me to leave my car overnight so he can hook the computer up to it while it’s cold to see what code it gives him, but I’ve not had the chance yet to do that.  I saw this the other day, and it made me laugh.


I’m pretty sure THAT’S not my problem (though I wouldn’t discount the possibility that there may be a stray field mouse or chipmonk in there somewhere; Mom lives in the woods…).

4.  I’m feeling a little better than I did on the day I wrote the “fragile” piece, but not much.  I’m coming to terms with how I feel and recognizing that despite my aspirations of being entirely unselfish and giving, I’m going to fall short.  Being big enough to forgive myself for that is something I’m still having to work on, though.

5.  Mom told me the other day that she had an experience that tells her she may be very close.  She was trying to wake up, she said, and felt at that moment that she could have decided to go and she would have just slipped away.  I’m glad I’m staying overnight for the next few days; if that happens again, I’d like to be with her to let her know that it’s okay to go.

6.  Mom has mentioned, in offhand ways, that there are some people that she feels she needs to see before she goes.  Meadmaker’s wife (hereafter known as Bobbie) and I are trying to help Mom tie up all her loose ends, so to that end, Bobbie called Mom’s ex-husband and I called her middle sister to see if we can get them to come and talk with her.  We were expecting the ex to blow her off, but Bobbie says that he called last night and told her he’d either call Mom or stop by in the next few days.  Middle sister is coming by on Wednesday.

7.  I am sick, almost unto death, of rain and fog and gray weather.  Given what’s going on in my life right now, the weather is not contributing in any positive way to my general demeanor.

8.  O’Mama helped me HUGE with my teacher license recertification this morning.  She’s some kind of fantastic.

9. Mom doesn’t sleep anymore without talking.  My belief is that she’s visiting the other side and interacting with people there.  She’s animated and active; her eyebrows move, her lips move, and often she’ll actually reach her hand out.  She never says anything discernable, but she’s clearly doing a lot of work in her sleep.

10.  Want to help a sister out?  Crisitunity is trying to raise money to go to yoga school.  Head on over and see if you can offer some assistance, and thanks.


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