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Ten Things Tuesday

The Kindness and Compassion edition.  Here are quick hit examples of how people have loved me lately:

1.  Mr. Chili, for making me chocolate chip cookies as only he can make them (after I called him on the verge of tears after attempting – and failing – to make decent cookies at Mom’s house).

2.  O’Mama, for calling me every single day, even through her own crisis, and for understanding all of the things I’ve been feeling that I’ve not been comfortable telling anyone else.

3.  Sphyrnatude, for taking my kids with a matter-of-factness that still brings me up short, and for telling me what I needed – but didn’t necessarily want – to hear.

4.  Grammar Snob, for texting me out of the blue to check in and send me her good energy (not to mention all the chocolate she sent me in the mail!).

5.  Gerry, Honey, and BlueMoon, for holding me in their hearts, for sending me text messages of love and support, for knowing exactly how I feel (so I don’t have to try to explain it), and for keeping a space for me in their home; I know that I’m welcomed there any time, and having that in my future is helping me stay upright.

6.  Meadmaker and Bobbie, for a TON of things, but specifically for bringing me dinners and for letting me use their car so I can finally get my check engine light issue resolved.

7.  John, because even though he had to take down the for sale sign, he’s sending me emails to let me know he’s still thinking of me.

8.  Ellie, the hospice nurse, for recognizing that I was cracking and for not letting me let myself take on all the responsibility.

9.  Jim Johnson, editor of Straight, Not Narrow, for being the kind of Christian that I wish I knew more of.

10.  All of you – I don’t want to name you all because I’m afraid I’ll forget someone and make them feel unappreciated, and I won’t have that – for all the love, support, understanding, and kicks in the ass that I need as I continue to navigate my way through the end of my mother’s life.  I have held, since the day I opened this blog, that I am in it for the community.  I’m not sure that I could have a better support system.  I am grateful, in ways that defy words, for all that you do for me just by being out there, reading, listening, and offering advice and insight.  Thank you!


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