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Ten Things Tues… Er, Wednesday

I was so caught up in breathing yesterday that I completely forgot it was Tuesday!  Here, then, are ten things for today.

1.  I love, with the kind of love one reserves for family, the TwoBlue clan.  Gerry and Honey have, yet again, opened their home – and their hearts – to me, and I really, really needed it.  BlueMoon is an instant Capital-G Girlfriend, and, for the moment, all is right in my world.

2.  My kids are fabulous.  We had an amazing day yesterday, and I fully expect to repeat the experience again today.  Everyone is much more relaxed, Beanie’s got NewMoon to play with (Punkin’s a bit too big for the little kid play, though she’s making good entries into some of it) and I think that getting all of us the hell out of Dodge was a brilliant – and necessary – thing to do.

3.  I could spend endless days beach combing.  There’s something a little thrilling about looking down and finding a bit of sea glass among the rocks in the surf.

3.  My children spent an entire afternoon doing catch-and-release with crabs yesterday.  It’s not a difficult thing to do – bait the end of a bit of kite string with something  yummy (the girls used bits of clams that BlueMoon dug up with her toes; the other kids in on the activity had whole chicken legs on the ends of their lines), drop said lines into the water, and pull up hungry crabs.  By the time it was all over, the girls had managed to catch somewhere around 20 of the little critters, and had even separated them into male and female buckets.


4. There’s a little local sandwich shop here (actually, it’s a little chain of shops) that makes some kickin’ roll-ups.  Lunch for me yesterday consisted of the John Alden, which is a turkey dinner sandwich in a roll.  Mmmmmm!  We also got a bacon and egg salad (the last of which Gerry had for breakfast this morning), a peanut butter and jelly for Beanie, tuna for Punkin’, and a bunch of others, the details of which I forget at the moment.  We scarfed ’em all down in short order.  Much undiluted yumminess.

5.  Bill and Bob’s makes some fantastic ice cream.  We got some last night after dinner, and the girls watched through the big window as the lady behind the counter molded chocolates.  Dessert AND entertainment!  How can that be bad?

6.  Three determined women can put a pretty complex 1000 piece puzzle together in less than a day.


7.  Even though I’m not supposed to, I checked in yesterday.  Everything is fine, according to Bill, and I’m going to run with the assumption that all is well until I hear otherwise.

8.  Patty is pissed at me and, you know what?  I don’t care.  She sent her new grid to Samantha, copied to me, with a note asking what she thought of it.  I sent her an email telling her that I was offended by her implication that she can do better something I’ve been managing quite well without her for weeks.  She sent me back this terse little email:  Chili: I am not going to continue this discussion beyond this:  What you sent was confusing.  My thought was it would be good to have as a daily planner sign-up sheet when people went over to work there, rather than always have to bug you and interfere with you private time.  I’ll butt out.  Enjoy your vaca. Pat. Butting out is a GREAT idea, Pat; you do that.

9.  Go on over and give O’Mama some love.  She’s experiencing a loss, too, and she needs some good energy.

10.  Our plan for the day is more of the same.  I’m hoping to steal away with BlueMoon for a little big-girl time – maybe some shop browsing and a little lunch – then we’ll come back and all be together.  The girls and I are headed north again after dinner tonight because, for as much as I would dearly love to stay, more than half my heart is still at home.  We’ll come back again – hopefully when BlueMoon comes back in August.  This was important time, and I’m very, very glad I did it.


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