Ten Things Tuesday

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that…

1.  This is a random TTT primarily because I wanted a forum to showcase this for RedRoach and, really, the only way to talk about this stuff is in a randomness post…


We went to our local kitchen goods store this weekend after the Harry Potter outing.  It seems that Mr. Chili broke his favorite wooden spatula beating the children scraping fridge-cold chocolate chip cookie dough out of a bowl, and he wanted a new one.  We didn’t find one that met his requirements, but this display caught my eye, so I grabbed a picture.  Thomas, my first thoughts went straight to you.  Let me know if you want some of this (‘because everything should taste like bacon!’) and I’ll hook you up.

2.  We leave for the lake in four days.  I can’t believe it.  Today is going to be spent catching up on laundry and doing some preliminary packing (or, at the very least, compiling lists).  Since I’ve got a lot of other stuff going on in my life right now (Gee, Chili; really?!  We hadn’t noticed!), I figure it’s better to do the big job of packing for a week in little, manageable bits over several days.

3.  I had a very interesting conversation with Bill last night.  I think he might be a little bit manic (or perhaps more than a little bit).  I chose to not bring up my continued ferocity about his deciding to alter Mom’s medications and instead let him to most of the talking.  What he told me is that he senses that she’s very close to passing (Gee, Bill; ya think?!) and he wonders if she’ll even live long enough to go to respite care.  He said he talked to Ellie about what to do if she stops breathing (DO NOT DO CPR!) and told me that he understands what’s going on.  I think that he gets it intellectually.  Emotionally and spiritually, though?  Not so much.

I kind of feel bad for the guy.  He really struggles – a lot – with some pretty basic concepts, and the result is that he expends an enormous amount of energy without actually accomplishing much.   I wish there were something I could say or do that would help him get a better handle on all of this, but I recognize that he’s got to find his own way, just like everybody else.

4.  Falcon is working quite literally in my neighborhood this morning.  My plan is to sneak over to where he’ll be and steal him away for lunch with Mr. Chili and the girls this afternoon.  For all that it astounds some of you that this man and I can be friends (Hi, Kizz!  Hi, Gerry!), I really do like him an awful lot.  Do I agree with him all the time (hell, do I agree with him often)?  No, but we disagree in a way that is very agreeable to both of us.  We don’t have to understand it, we just have to accept it.

5.  I’m starting to think about teaching again, and fell asleep last night compiling potential topics for persuasive essays in my head.  I’m sick, nearly unto death, of the well-worn topics (abortion, the death penalty, legalizing marijuana, lowering the drinking age, blah, blah, blah) so I was trying to come up with more interesting, less traveled avenues.  Of course, I didn’t write any of them down, so I can’t recall much this morning.  Sigh.  Feel free to try to refresh my memory.

*Edited to include; OH!  I remember one!  Parents should/should not have influence over the curriculum in their children’s classroom.  Coincidentally, Tense just wrote a piece about this very topic; go on over and have a look*

6.  BlogHer ’10 is in New York City next year.  I’ve already claimed my spot on Kizz’s couch, and I’m hoping to gather up a posse of women (Auntie, O’Mama, and Snob, I’m looking specifically at YOU!) to join me there.  I’m also thinking about how I can spin the conference to count toward professional development hours for my next teaching license certification cycle…

7.  Someone I care for dearly is completely melting down – in a spectacular and ugly way that is entirely of their* own making – and I’m still trying to sort out how I feel about it.  I’m infuriated at this person for doing what s/he did in order to precipitate this crisis – s/he should have fucking known better, as they’ve been down this road before – but I recognize that, this time, at least, it has nothing whatsoever to do with me.  That doesn’t keep me from recalling all kinds of emotions, though, or from wanting to deliver a swift and stinging combination of dope-slap and ass-kicking.  For all that, I’m keeping a respectful distance from ground zero, and only offering up my help and/or opinions when they are specifically requested (and, thus far, the person doing the melting has not asked, though others have).  It is astounding the mess that some people will willingly create for themselves, all the while lamenting that it “just happened” to them.

*As a rule, I dislike the use of “they” as a singular pronoun; however, given that I don’t want to divulge too much here, I’m trying to keep the person in question gender-neutral.  I find that “they,” even when used incorrectly as a singuar, is far less cumbersome than “he/she.”  I’m just sayin’…

8.  Once-a-week yoga is entirely insufficient.  I’m actually a little sore after teaching Sunday’s class, and that’s all kinds of wrong.  I have grand plans for my vacation week; I’m going to bring my earphones and my sneakers and walk before everyone wakes up (I’m the earliest riser of the Chili clan, so no one will miss me), and I’m bringing at least two yoga mats; Bruder is joining us for the week (he arrives here Friday night) and he does yoga – or, at least, he used to.  Regardless, I’ll be practicing every morning on the dock  – or, at least, that’s my plan; anyone who wants to join me is welcomed to pull up a mat.

9.  Switching over to the unlimited text plan on my phone was a very, very good idea.  In addition to allowing me to offer moral support to someone in crisis whenever it becomes necessary, I’m also able to send and receive love from various sources whenever and as often as I want without worrying about whether my next phone bill will give me seizures.

10.  A girlfriend of mine is going to take the girls to see G-Force tomorrow.


image credit

My friend actually wants to see the movie, and it will serve as a much-needed two-hour distraction from some pretty serious shit she’s grappling with in her life at the moment.  I just texted her to say that, additionally, she will enjoy a LONG stretch of gratutide from Mr. Chili and me for saving us from having to bring the girls to this film; they both want badly to see it, and we both want badly to not.  That my friend is willingly volunteering to take my kids is a little piece of Universal Synchronicity.  See?  It really does all work out in the end.



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21 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. mccgood

    Have I told you lately…..
    that I admire you., THat I think you rock., That your sense of humor makes me laugh out loud, that you are a very strong person, that I would love to be a student in your classroom (yoga or whatever)?

    Have an awesome time on your vacation!

  2. 1. Come now, you’re better than that! This didn’t need a random 10. You could do 10 for Bacon like falling off a log. A cheese log covered in bacon bits! I might have to do a bacon 10 just because you’ve put it in my brain now.

    3. I fear it’s going to be very hard for him not to do CPR, or some such thing. Just the shock of the moment may wig him. You know about my great aunt, right? She still remembers the name of the medication (morphine) we used to “kill” my grandmother. My grandmother was in the same position your mom is now, though my grandmother broke a promise to Rena and checked out a couple weeks before Christmas so she clearly wasn’t as tied to the expectations of the living as some might have been. 🙂

    4. Just don’t come crying to me… 🙂

    6. Whoo!

  3. Organic Mama

    6. What Kizz said – woo for number 6. Hmm, the possibilities… Of course planning logistics aside, that is a fanfreakingtastic idea, my friend. Snob, shall we see if we can make this happen??

    Have a great day, honey. I know you’re gearing up, in some small way for a potential of a longish haul, but this purgatory you’re in will soon be over. Imagine yourself a year from now recalling this time, how it shaped you, how you shaped it, how you grew and withstood… and then let it settle (mostly) into the past.

    I love that you’re thinking about teaching again, that your thoughts are returning to what sustains you and makes you fiercely creative; life is returning to your professional mind and I celebrate it.


  4. tidbitor

    I particularly appreciate the fact that bacon flavoring is kosher…..

  5. #1 The Girl might like that bacon salt stuff. Is it vegan?

    #2 We leave for the lake in four days too! Yippeee! The Girl still want’s to leave early but not at 4. I was thinking 7, stop for breakfast, maybe pick up the kids by 9 or so and head up. Can we do that? I mean, I’m sure we can pick up the kids but can we go to the lake house and hang out by/in the lake? I want so badly to throw PUNKin in the lake with all her clothes on. You know, ’cause I can.

    This plan isn’t set in stone, just a thought.

    #5 How about syringe exchange?

    #6 I don’t see why not

    #9 Me too

    #10 I am SO glad they didn’t want me to take them!

  6. Bacon is the best thing ever. Everything SHOULD taste like bacon! Bacon mashed potatoes, bacon cheeseburger, bacon ice cream…

    The only reason other food exists is as a carrier for the bacon.

  7. magicalmysticalteacher

    If you’re a vegetarian (as I am), why would you want everything to taste like bacon? **shudder**

  8. mmmmm… bacon! 🙂

    You’ll have a great time at the lake.

  9. Please do not tell my BF about bacon salt or our entire grocery budget will summarily be spent on ONLY bacon salt. Many many boxes of it. Forever.

    Bill sounds a great deal like my mother.

    I hope you have lots of fun at the lake! Wish I could pull up my mat next to you. 🙂

    Auntie, I think syringe exchange is a great topic for a persuasive essay!

    magicalmysticalteacher, even vegetarians can appreciate the FLAVOR of bacon. I’m mostly vegetarian myself and I still drool whenever I cook it for BF.

  10. I’m totally going to beg if I have to, but I REALLY want to come to NYC. A weekend with my girls finally……YES, PLEASE!

    You’re dealing with all of this so well. Truly you are.

  11. 1. I actually bought a jar of the Baconnaise made by the same guys who make the bacon salt (they also make bacon flavored lip balm). I can’t say it really tasted like bacon but I liked the taste anyway and was really good on toast with a slab of tomato. Yum! Too bad it’s not on my diet. But it is kosher and safe for vegetarians.

    3. Bill sounds manic to me.

    10. **SHUDDER** You totally lucked out on that one!

  12. This post sounded much more like the Chili I’ve grown to love over the years. I’m glad that you’re getting a very well-deserved vacation, and I hope you find yourself renewed because of it.

    And, thank you for the link and for your support at my place. The fact that you’re still out there reading blogs, given all that’s going on, is amazing to me.

  13. Darci

    No. 10 is the reason for friends. As the mother of a 15.5 and 18 yo, I no longer have to be tortured but let me tell you, watching The Ugly Truth with C the other night made me wiggle in my seat. Not sure which is better!

    No. * sounds like the most perfect of holidays. Enjoy the peace.

  14. Laurie B

    You all enjoy time at the camp! Last year you where all worried about time with MIL. Time changes everything. You are very much in charge of who you are and how you deal with the day to day things. Rock on. Have a good time.

  15. I think the explanation of our relationship is very simple, Mrs. C. – we were friends long before we knew of each other’s political beliefs, which is really, I think, the only thing we disagree on.

    If I recall correctly, we never discussed politics until this past presidential election came up. You asked who I was voting for, I said, “McCain,” and you looked at me with a stunned look on your face and said, “Really? REALLY?!”


    Kizz and I got along fine until abortion came up. Since then I’ve bought a codpiece on the off chance we’re ever in the same room together.

    Gerry and I disagree politically, too, but I don’t think it’s the politics that got me on Gerry’s bad side. I think, because my sense of humor tends to be sophomoric and politically incorrect, he thinks I’M sophomoric and politically incorrect.

    Bottom line? You and I, Mrs. C., actually KNOW each other, and so you know my true personality and can put my quirks into the proper context. Kizz and Gerry only know me through what I choose to put into my blog, and so don’t have the full picture. Does that mean if they met me and actually got to know me that they’d change their minds about me? Maybe. Maybe not. I may be arrogant, but not to the degree to make the assumption that if everybody knew me then everybody would like me.

    We all know that the written word can be a dangerous tool. I’ve written things that have pissed people off (even if doing so was not my intent), and I just put on my big boy pants and deal with the consequences. Would I like to reconcile with Gerry and Kizz? Sure I would. I still read their blogs, at least once a day. Sometimes I leave comments. I have both of them linked on my blogroll. However, if they’ve decided that our differences are irreconcilable, then I’ll just have to live with that.

  16. gerry rosser

    I was just sitting here with my morning cup of “candy” coffee, and read your blog post. We have all kinds of coffee flavoring, vanilla, French vanilla, chocolate, German chocolate, toffee, caramel (and maybe more), but I can only imagine how much better it would taste with bacon flavor.

    My mind can hardly get around this: add bacon flavor to coffee and then be more able to resist eating that vile food at breakfast time! Maybe somebody will come up with a bacon & eggs flavor so that I can have a traditional breakfast in a cup!

    And who said human ingenuity can’t save the planet!

  17. I’m not sure if you’re leaving today or tomorrow, but hope it is the rest you needed.

    #2–We’re leaving t 7 a.m. tomorrow. Have I packed? Maybe soon. I’m impressed with your forward-thinking, though I know you have a specific reason for that. But I’m guessing you’d still be ahead of me without those circumstances.

    Bill-PLEASE don’t take this as me defending him, but… I probably told you that when my mom was sick, no one handled the situation gracefully 100% of the time. Personally I think I held it together better than everyone else by a long-shot, but I wasn’t there for the last four years of it. But I cannot say I was the model of perfection all the time. I remember two specific incidents in which I had not-so-friendly conversatios with my father because I didn’t like what he was doing. I was right, but telling him when and the way I did wasn’t necessarily appropriate. But this isn’t about that. It’s about you. You are handling this way better than anyone. But people like you (and me) can’t expect others to live up to our standards. That’s not to say the other person isn’t dead. wrong. (No pun intended.) But lesser people react more poorly to such stressful situations. Does Bill have issues? Undoubtedly. But the short story is he’s still there. Maybe you’d rather he not be sometimes, but a lot of men (most, I think), would have been out of there as soon as they could, taking what they could. Care-taking, as you definitely know, is hard. It’s harder for men, and I somehow think it might be harder for a significant other. (When cleaning up a messy diaper on my mom, I would think about my dad and wonder how horrible it would be do to that for one’s spouse. I pray I never have to do that.) We can’t know what he’s going through. And yes, he could be nicer. Of course he could. But when it’s said and done, no one will have done what you did. With my dad, I learned that he was doing the best he could emotionally. It wasn’t even close to my standards a lot of the time, but it’s all he had.
    #5–I can hardly wait to read the link you put in. I did a post recently about homework, so I think I would have some opinions. Of course MY input would be valuable. But other parents? Probably not! (I’m going to read what I wrote about Bill to myself and change the words to fit my smugness about this.)
    #8-If you exercise every day or almost every day on vacation, you are SO my hero! I have almost entirely given up on trying. On our last trip I took my bike and managed to ride 4 times in 2 weeks. But usually, there is nothing unless hiking is part of the trip.

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