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Monday Meme: The “Finish It” Edition

Stolen, with love, from Mrs. T.  Thanks, Honey!

1. My ex … came to dinner last night.

2. Maybe I should…start putting my lesson plans together….

3. I love… my life, my family, my friends…

4. People would say that…I’m a nice person.

5. I don’t understand…espionage movies.  I can never figure out who’s doing what, who’s working for whom, who’s a double agent.  I have to watch the film more than once to figure it out.

6. When I wake up in the morning…I tell my husband good morning and that I love him.

7. I lost…my mind over the last four months.  I was living an entirely unsustainable existence.  I’ve found my mind again, however, and will not be repeating the experience.

8. Life is full of…learning experiences.

9. My past is…something I often have trouble remembering.  That’s okay, though; no time like the present!

10. I get annoyed when…my children knock stuff over that is very clearly visible.  They’re having trouble connecting to the reality of their environment lately.  Oh, and people who can’t make it up to the speed limit bug me.  Oh, and people who don’t know that they should walk against traffic and bike with it.  Oh, and……

11. Parties are...something that isn’t really a part of our world.  We have get-togethers, but rarely do we have full-blown parties.

12. I wish..huh.  I don’t really have an answer to that one….

13. Dogs…like pools, boats, and houses on lakes or beaches, are better when someone else owns them.

14. Cats…are the pet of choice at Chez Chili.  We have four.

15. Tomorrow…is another chance.

16. I have low tolerance…for stupid people. There, I said it (Chili’s note; that’s Mrs. T’s answer, but it works for me, too).

17. If I had a million dollars…I’d live almost exactly like I’m living now (but I’d worry a little less)

18. I’m totally terrified… of unanticipated loss.  Car accidents and aneurysms and such.

19. My mission is….to send as much good energy rippling into the world as I can possibly manage.

20. When I die…I hope to have a broader perspective on what this is all about, and maybe be able to mentor another soul a little closer to compassion.


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