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Quick Hit; From the Side of the Deathbed

I have the unshakable impression of a toddler who is overtired, but who refuses to go to sleep.

My mother is on nearly the maximum doseage of meds she can have. She’s not aware or lucid. She’s moaning with every exhalation. We’re all wishing that she, like the toddler, would just relax and drift off…


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Randomness on a Wednesday

I’ve got a bunch of things to write about, so instead of trying to figure out how to make it all into a coherent whole, I’m going to give you little doses of randomness.  Ready?

• We had a WONDERFUL time at the Cape, and I’m missing the TwoBlueDays already.  How we Chilis managed to escape the weekend without MAJOR sunburn is entirely beyond me, but the truth of the matter is that none of us is even a little pink, despite our being outside quite a lot.  We strolled (meandered, walked, perambulated) around Hyannis on Monday, then took the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard on Tuesday and biked and swam and strolled some more, all in the blazing August sun.  BlueMoon, Mr. Chili, NewMoon and Punkin’ Pie jumped off a bridge in MV – I’ve got photographic evidence that I’ll post later (once I get the pictures off of Mr. Chili’s camera) – but Beanie was stung by a jelly fish before she had the chance.  We popped an antihistamine in her (Mommy keeps them on her in case of accidental shellfish encounters) and took a cab back to town while the rest of the crew biked back.  A pair of spins on the Flying Horses, some ice cream at Mad Martha’s (I had sinful chocolate, which included bits of fudge and crunchy little toffee pieces… mmmmm!), and quick duck into The Black Dog for some stuffed toys for the smallish people.


We made a quick stop to Honey’s son’s place before hitting the road back to Chez Chili.  I’m already counting the days to Labor Day…

•  My mother is still steadily declining.  She’s got a fever that the nurses can’t seem to get underneath, her pulse is fast, and her skin is mottled.  The pain meds have been increased and we’re all not so secretly hoping that this will be over soon.  No one deserves to linger like this.

• I had a bit of a brush-up with the bank this week; it seems that they are unable to locate the original signature card that put my name on the account jointly with my mother.  The branch manager of the main office was the one who originally worked with me and, after a little bit of time, she finally remembered the details of our first encounters (back in MAY.  Why it’s taken them this long to figure out they were missing the signature card is quite beyond me).  Since Mom is no longer competent and is entirely unable to sign her name, we were worried that this complication could prove to be more than just a minor headache, but so far, it seems to be working out.  The manager DID remember me when I walked in the door this morning, and has assured me – after apologizing profusely for the mistake – that the account will be back up and running this afternoon.

•  Dudley’s older son is being wed this Saturday, and the Chili clan is renting a (bigger) car and heading to Maryland to witness the joyous occasion.  We’re gifting the bridal couple with large, monogramed tote bags from Land’s End, and I needed to find out if the bride has decided to take her husband’s name so I could put the right letters on the bags.  Though I never make the assumption that a woman will take her husband’s name, I was especially hesitant in this case; taking her husband’s name will result in K having first and last names that rhyme.  I’m not sure I would have done that.

There’s more, but I just got the message that they’re thinking “hours” for my  mother, so I’m heading to the nursing home.  More later….


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