Ten Things Tuesday

I just couldn’t stay away, you guys.  Blogging has become so much an everyday part of my life that I’m finding that taking the time away is more stressful than writing my daily posts.  Go figure.  So, I’m back.  Didja miss me?

1.  We had a wonderful time at the wedding.  Mr. Chili and I realized we’d made a milestone; we’re now going to our friends’ children’s weddings.  Next up?  OUR kids’.  Yikes.

The entire affair was lovely, but one part in particular stands out for me.  The reception started, and with it the parade of designated dances.  The bridal couple danced together, the bride danced with her dad; it was all pretty standard stuff.  Then came the dance with the groom and his mom.

The groom’s mother was a dear friend of mine who died several years ago in a single car accident.  When it came time for her dance, M had the DJ call his grandmother (his dad’s mom), Mama V, to the floor.  Mama V is one hot ticket; I have adored this woman for as long as I’ve known her and, in truth, aspire to be like her when I get older.  She’s kind and generous of heart, she’s funny and loving, and she’s up for pretty much anything.  Good thing, too.

She headed for the dance floor, took her grandson in her arms, and waited for the music to start.  What comes blaring through the speakers?



It was PERFECT, you guys!  The groom, in a stroke of inspired brilliance, chose to take what could have been a sad and contemplative occasion and made it fun.  His mother would have WHOLLY approved, and as I stood at the back of the room, alternately weeping and laughing, I felt April shimmer with joy.

2.  My Local U. syllabus is a MESS, and classes start next Monday.  O’Mama is coming by this morning so we can collaborate on our respective syllabi, and I’m hoping to have at least the hint of a clue by lunchtime.  We work exceptionally well together, so I have a high level of confidence that we’ll figure at least SOME of it out.

3.  On our trips to and from Maryland to celebrate the wedding, the Chili family played the license plate game.  We managed to collect license plates from every state except Hawaii, Alaska, the Dakotas, Kansas, Montana, Kentucky, and Idaho.  Not bad for only having traveled through five states.

4.  We made another magical history tour on our way home yesterday, this time stopping for a trolley tour of the Valley Forge National Park.  It’s a beautiful spot of land, and the 90 minute trolley tour takes visitors to a musket firing demonstration, replicas of the huts that soldiers lived in during that winter of 1777-1778, and to the headquarters that Washington used during the stay.


Image credit

The tour guide asked us to remember that, while there was certainly a great deal of suffering experienced by revolutionaries during that winter, there was quite a lot that was accomplished, as well.  The winter spent at Valley Forge may well have been pivotal in the training of the Continental Army into a professional fighting force and, as a result, influenced the outcome of the war.

5.  I really am doing remarkably well, despite the events of the last few weeks.  I think that I credit a lot of that to the fact that I used much of the time that Mom and I had together to process the reality of the situation.  I’ve welled up a couple of times over the last few days, but I’m not crushed by grief.  In fact, I’m still elated that I was able to actually be with her when she finally passed.  I was afraid that was a promise I wouldn’t be able to keep, and I’m profoundly glad that I was able to love her all the way out.

6.  Mrs. T., I haven’t forgotten about your prizes; I just suck at getting to the Post Office (ask Kizz; she’ll tell you it’s true).  Keep faith; I’ll get these things out to you sometime soon…

7.  I’ve discovered, much to my absolute delight, that water comes out of my tap hot enough to brew green tea!  How wonderful is that?  To not have to boil a kettle on an August morning to brew tea for later icing?  (truly; it’s the little things that thrill me).

8.  We’ve got to do some back-to-school shopping, but not before the girls go through both their closets and their craft center to find out what they already have.  I’ve been feeling conspicuously over-supplied lately; I want to whittle down to only that which we actually need/want/use and donate the rest to those who don’t have enough.

9.  I’m putting together a post in which I’m going to ask your advice about something I think might be a little tricky involving something Mom left to me.  Watch this space.

10.  Have you guys been acquainted yet with Foamy the Squirrel?  We found one of his Christmas rants a few years back, but Bobbie turned me on to this episode.  I’m never going to be able to say “cream cheese” again; it’s going to be “cheesy, cheesy, creamy cheesy” from now on (note, this is not appropriate for professional settings…).



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14 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Dudley

    It took her a couple of times through to figure how to actually DO the Macarena, but Mom does enjoy having a good time with her grand children.

    You should have seen her on Christmas Day in 2005. Her grand sons lured her outside for a game of airsoft (pretty much paint ball, but with plastic BBs). We’ve got a great picture of her wearing full faced mask, in a crouch, holding the airsoft gun, and looking for someone to shoot at.

    She has a pretty good time with her own middle aged kids too 🙂

  2. kizzbeth

    Welcome back! Glad you had a good trip.

  3. Welcome back!!! My mom took Booger school supply shopping as a treat, so I haven’t gone yet. I’m twitching for new pens….maybe I’ll stop by on the way home today.

  4. Laurie B

    I did miss you but you were sp right about needing a little time away. Welcome back.

    Local U students are starting to trickle back but the big rush is next weekend. BEW teaches Tues and Thurs this semester, she’s got the syllabus and reading list uploaded already and just has to dig out the lecture notes and make a few revisions.

    The only serious school shopping we have to do is set in copious amounts of food and wine so we won’t have to go to any store anywhere near local U for at least a couple of weeks.

  5. Welcome back and yes I did miss your post. Looks like Grandma stole the show. You live in an amazing place with lots of great things to do.

    I adored the squirrel. That was hilarious. Thanks for making my day.

    Here’s to you, Mrs. Chili…I admire your attitude and your awesomeness. CHEERS!!!

  6. Cheers to your return! 🙂

    Love the video. I think cheesy, cheesy creamy cheesy is going to be part of my lexicon, too.

  7. mccgood

    I am glad to see your post today.

    #1 gave me goosebumps. I am glad you were able to go to the wedding and had a nice trip. Back to school shopping YIKES!

  8. Laurie B

    So glad you went to the wedding and enjoyed the delights of your life and family. You were carrying your Mom and April and I’m sure they enjoyed being there with you.

    Many years later I still find myself laughing at something and saying “Dad would have loved this”.

    We laugh and love because our parents showed us how to. We carry on what they knew because it’s what we know in our hearts. Our partners either “get it” or “learn it” what choice do they have? Our kind of love is about sharing and being resplendant. Carry on Sister, carry on.

    Much love.

  9. No matter what you do with your syllabus, it will be fine. I so hated a bad syllabus when I was in college. But I know yours won’t be. “Oversupplied.” Good word.

  10. I better be doing the Macarena and playing airsoft wars when I am a grandmother. What a great woman!

  11. twoblueday

    The Macarena story is sweet. When Bluemoon was getting married, we gave dire warnings to the band that if they played the Macarena (back then it still had some currency) they weren’t getting paid–no exceptions even if someone requested it and offered money!

    I haven’t watched the squirrel yet, but when something maybe shouldn’t be played in a place of business, I have seen the acronym “NSFW” used.

    Glad you are back, I’m spoiled becasue every day, after I get my coffee and pry open my eyes, I look for your latest blog post.

  12. twoblueday

    Watched the video. Too funny. Definitely NSFW.

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