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Our Home Away From Home

The Chili family landed safely on the Cape yesterday evening.


Image credit.  This is the topiary in the Bourne Bridge rotary.  The girls note it as the first “real” milestone on the way to Mimi and Poppy’s house.

Honey had a spectacular dinner of pot roast, potatoes, and cracked wheat waiting for us (and she’s shared the recipe, too!  She must really love me!*).  We dined, we chatted, and we generally settled into each other.

As I write this, Gerry and I are sitting across from each other, our laptops open back-to-back, talking about everything and nothing.  What are we going to do for fun today?  Have you ever seen mammatus clouds?  Why are so many people seemingly so up in arms about Obama addressing a group of school children?  Why has the rate of recycling decreased steadily over the past 20 years?

I don’t really have good words to describe the feeling I have when I’m here.  I am absolutely certain that I am loved unconditionally.  My children are happy and comfortable.  My husband likes to be here.  I am exceedingly grateful for the presence of these wonderful people in my life.

(*Chili’s note: Honey really does love me.  In fact, I very nearly cried in her arms last night.  I walked into the kitchen from the car, and she folded me in and told me that she understood my sense of loss at Mom’s passing.  “I know it hurts,” she said, “but I also know it’s a relief.”  Yes; that’s it, exactly.  I feel a little less like a motherless daughter today.)


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