Monday Meme

Stolen from Kwizgiver, who stole it from Tense Teacher.  Spreading the love around…

1. You are at the store when suddenly 2 men walk in with guns and rob the place. Are you the hero, quiet & follow the rules type, or try to make a run for it? I am NOT a hero; if I can get out without anyone noticing me and call for help, I would.  Otherwise, I’m going to be as quiet and cooperative as possible.

2. Do you like Twizzlers? I kinda don’t actually, but I buy them because Mr. Chili likes them.

3. Are you a YouTube watcher? Only if I’m looking for something specific.  I do LOVE YouTube and would be sad if it went down, but I don’t spend hours surfing the site.

4. When an auto glass store calls and asks if you have a chip or crack in your windshield, what do you tell them? I’ve never had this happen, but I would tell them “no” whether I have a chip or not; I take my car to Ed to take care of all that stuff.

5. What is the age difference between you and your father? 19 years, 7 months, and a couple of days..

6. Have you ever tried to find the end of a rainbow? Not literally…

7. Camping – recreational vehicle or tent? I’m sorry; have you MET me?!  Honey said something this weekend that worked for me: the definition of camping is “when where you’re staying has a door that opens to the parking lot.”  Yep.

8. Have you ever had to call 9-1-1? I have, a couple of times; most recently, I called from my cell phone to report a car that was driving about 2/3 of the time on the wrong side of the yellow line.  The idiot would pull back into our lane when someone else was coming in the other direction, but the rest of the time he was driving like a Brit.  Dumbass.

9. Whose is your favorite blog to visit? I’ve got a bunch of ’em, but today, I will feature four.  When she posts, I love to read my sisterKizz is someone I go to every day, as is Gerry of TwoBlueDay.  Once a week, I head to PostSecret, too.

10. How long do you think you could live locked in your house on the food that you have on hand right now? Probably a few weeks, if my family didn’t mind eating lots of fruit and nut cobbler; I really need to clean out my freezer…

11. Pepper – shaker or grinder? Oh, a grinder, without question.

12. What state is 2 states west of you? New York.

13. What color do you believe you look best in? I look good in fall colors; dark browns, greens and purples.

Happy Monday, Everyone!



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4 responses to “Monday Meme

  1. I love when you do these. I’m always surprised by some of the answers. In this one, it was the camping question. For some reason, I thought you would be a camper.

  2. I am with you on the camping. A log cabin with a kitchen and a restaurant near is the perfect place for camping. We use to camp (real tent) when we were young, but I always did the cooking and dishes.

    Your answers were great.

  3. Amen on the camping. I’d do a tent as long as it came with a flush toilet and a hot shower.

    I think I’ll borrow this meme for tomorrow.

  4. twoblueday

    Camping is staying in a motel where all the room doors open to the outdoors, or anything less luxe than that!

    Actually, I used to enjoy backpacking, even though I never slept very well out in the bush.

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