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Ten Things Tuesday

Ten QUICK things, because I’m wicked busy today:

1.  Apple cinnamon muffins just came out of the oven.  Punkin’ Pie approves; after I fed her a bit (I’ve got to TEST them, after all), her response was “Me likey!”

2.  I think I may have beaten back all of Mom’s medical bills.  I’m going to wait another week or two to see if any more statements come in the mail; once they stop coming, the will gets executed and everything gets handed over to MeadMaker.

3.  I’m headed to Mom’s house this afternoon to meet wtih MeadMaker and Bobbie and go through some more stuff.  I might bring home some of the things that Mom set aside for me tonight; until now, I’ve left those things in the environment.  I might be ready to bring them home now.

4.  I’ve decided that I love my job at CHS.  I’m working my ASS off right now, but once I get settled and figure out my rhythm, this is going to be one sweet gig.

5.  I’ve got four books going at once.   I Know This Much is True is on my bedside table.  I’m working my way through Me Talk Pretty One Day with my college kids.  I’ve got The House of Sand and Fog happening for the Reader’s Workshop in my senior English class and The Color of Water going in my freshman group.  Pretty soon, I’m going to start reading The Book Thief with my freshmen and The Sunflower with my seniors, so that’ll be six.  Ooof!

6.  My check engine light is still on.  Dammit!

7.  There’s little I would like more right now than to have a full-function copier/printer/scanner in my basement.  I’m not talking the little desktop model I’ve got (which is fine for an everyday person, but wholly insufficient for a teacher) or the lame-ass copier we’ve got at CHS.  No; I want a copier as big as a Volkswagen that copies double-sided and collates AND staples and turns the files into PDFs while it’s at it.  Maybe Santa can get me one?

8.  I’m dreading the summer-winter clothes switch, but it’s going to have to happen soon; it’s pretty damned cool in the morning and we’ve not seen temperatures above about 75° in a few weeks.  Punkin’ needs new pants (wretched child keeps growing!) and I think I have a bin of size 8-10 clothes in the attic, so that’ll be good, but I hate the feel of freshly-exploded Chinese laundry that my house takes on during clothes-switch weekends…

9.  I adore my husband.

10.  Are you watching Sons of Anarchy?  Did you SEE what happened last week?!  My Tivo is locked and loaded, and I’m looking forward to sitting down tomorrow evening (after the girls go to bed, of course) to enjoy watching some Aryans get a perfectly-executed, deliciously vengeful, serious ass-kicking.  Boy, howdy! do these writers have a knack for getting me to cringe in gleeful anticipation!


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