Seriously, You Guys.  I am astounded – and profoundly humbled – by some of the emails I’ve gotten from people who read the entries I wrote while journeying with my mother to the end of her life.

I got another one today.  While I’d love to share it, I don’t have permission, so I’m not going to, but it was so beautiful and heartfelt that I was staggered under it.  I connected with someone I don’t even know in a very real and meaningful way.  I feel like both our lives are better for it.

It’s not the first of these emails that I’ve gotten, and I would doubt it’ll be the last.   I suspect (and sincerely hope) that the process that Mom and I went through (and my documentation of and struggle with it) will continue to help others along on their journeys, whether they take the time to tell me about it or not.

I’ve always said that I’m in this blogging thing for the community.  I’m ALL ABOUT making connections with people and offering up my experiences – and taking in the experiences of others – in an effort to expand myself beyond my own skin.   The thing is, though?  I’m always strangely surprised when it actually happens; when someone takes the time to tell me that they read what I wrote, and that it made a difference to them.  My entire being shimmers with the thought that I can make someone’s path a little clearer, or that I can offer up a bit of understanding or empathy when such things seem hard to come by, just by telling my stories.

I live for this stuff…



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4 responses to “Humbled

  1. Organic Mama

    We are all connected. Isn’t it wondrous that sometimes those with whom we interact in only limited ways can so profoundly touch us? Ubuntu indeed.

  2. If you can share even part of your story, I think it will touch people’s lives in a most profound way. I am glad that you are seeing the results of how much people really care about one another and especially you.

  3. Yes, Mama; ubuntu, indeed.

    Pam, it’s this sort of stuff that puts me back on my path when I feel like the whole world is crazy. Lately, I’ve been feeling that we’re more DISconnected than anything else, and it’s been disheartening. Then something like this happens and I start to hope again.

  4. twoblueday

    I never felt so connected as I have since I became part of your (our) online community.

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