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Nearly Wordless Wednesday… Yeah, Not So Much With the Nearly Wordless Part… *EDITED*

Gird your loins; Chili’s in a mood…

•  I was going to put up a link to a rant that Glen Beck did on volunteerism, but I just can’t bring myself to do it (and no, I didn’t see the thing on Fox News; I got it from a link that my friend Half Irish Rover posted on her blog yesterday).  I am not willing to give this mouth-breathing imbecile any airtime.  Seriously; Beck and everyone like him should be drummed off the airwaves.  There is nothing of value in anything I’ve ever heard this man speak (and don’t even get me started on the fucktard take he’s got on vaccinations).  I’m all about free speech, but I can’t abide people who proudly abuse that right.

• I’ve just about had it with students who don’t do the work I assign.  This morning, I put together a quick pop quiz on the reading they’re supposed to have been doing.  When I looked up and saw that all but one of them was staring panic-stricken into space, I stopped the class and asked who among them had NO idea what was going on.  All but one hand went up.  Seriously.  There will be a post about this here tomorrow.

•  First – well, not first, but you  know what  I mean –  there was the asshole – who’s not a racist, of course – denying a marriage license to an inter-racial couple.  As if that weren’t enough, now we’ve got a videotape of a gay man being beaten almost to death (in what is being called an “apparent hate crime.”  Gee, ya THINK?!)  on a New York street (he’s in a medically-induced coma and no one is sure if he’ll survive).  Let’s have some more fun, shall we?  How about this, because we all know that the Jews are penny-pinching skinflints.

• Edited to include this from Wordlily;  Church decides to celebrate Halloween by burning books. Seriously; this isn’t a joke. Go here (if you dare) to read more.

Disgusted and exhausted?  I sure am.  People ask me, over and over again, why I keep bringing up things from the past; why I study the Holocaust, why I participate in events and activities aimed at ensuring GLBTQ rights, why I teach literature and speeches from the Civil Rights Movement and the era of Apartheid in South Africa, why I raise a fuss about Columbus Day.  THIS is why;  because there are still idiots out there – ignorant, sometimes dangerous idiots – who are willing to do others harm (or to incite their followers to do harm) because they don’t think or act or believe the same way they do.

The stupidity, willful ignorance, and carelessness are just about more than I can stand today.

Here’s hoping your Wednesday is better than mine is shaping up to be…


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