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Ten Things Tuesday, Plus One

Eleven frustrations (both minor and perhaps not-so):*

1. People who do ten miles an hour below the speed limit in broad daylight in dry conditions. Add to these the people who don’t know how to use signals (either they’re always on or they’re never on); people who drive with one foot on the brake at all times; people who slow down for green lights; and people who can’t read signs and, as a consequence, realize they have to make a right-hand exit from the left-hand lane.

2. Students who complain TO MY FACE that they can’t do their homework because they a) want to go to the dance or b) are missing their favorite t.v. show. Seriously?!

3. The parents who allow their slacking kids to go to dances and to watch t.v. when those children have outstanding work due to their teachers.

4. Pledge week (which is really “pledge ten days“) on Public Radio.

5. Children who will walk OVER folded laundry in the family room for a whole week, then complain that they have no clean clothes in their room.

6. Waking up at 3:40 in the morning for no good reason, and not being able to get back to sleep.

7. People who don’t honor promises or commitments.

8. People who say they’re finished with something, but can’t resist coming back to re-do just one more thing. If you’re done, you’re done; move the fuck on.

9. Bringing the wrong connector for my computer to work and not being able to show the movie I intended in class. Ugh.

10. Expecting something helpful in a workshop, and getting a whole afternoon’s worth of nuthin’ (though, I suppose, this is another way of expressing #7; the workshop didn’t deliver what it promised).

11. Computers (or cars, or any such something) that act up on me, but that work just fine in the presence of others (especially the others I depend upon to fix such things when they break). Twice I’ve brought a computer to one of my colleagues (who is good at making them do his bidding), complaining that it wasn’t working and twice has that colleague handed the thing back to me, claiming that he couldn’t reproduce my problem. He returns to me a computer buzzing with happy compliance and function. GRRRRR!

*Chili’s note; I’m not in a mood, though this might lead you to believe I am. It’s just that this was the quickest list I could come up with today…


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