Ten Things Tuesday, Plus One

Eleven frustrations (both minor and perhaps not-so):*

1. People who do ten miles an hour below the speed limit in broad daylight in dry conditions. Add to these the people who don’t know how to use signals (either they’re always on or they’re never on); people who drive with one foot on the brake at all times; people who slow down for green lights; and people who can’t read signs and, as a consequence, realize they have to make a right-hand exit from the left-hand lane.

2. Students who complain TO MY FACE that they can’t do their homework because they a) want to go to the dance or b) are missing their favorite t.v. show. Seriously?!

3. The parents who allow their slacking kids to go to dances and to watch t.v. when those children have outstanding work due to their teachers.

4. Pledge week (which is really “pledge ten days“) on Public Radio.

5. Children who will walk OVER folded laundry in the family room for a whole week, then complain that they have no clean clothes in their room.

6. Waking up at 3:40 in the morning for no good reason, and not being able to get back to sleep.

7. People who don’t honor promises or commitments.

8. People who say they’re finished with something, but can’t resist coming back to re-do just one more thing. If you’re done, you’re done; move the fuck on.

9. Bringing the wrong connector for my computer to work and not being able to show the movie I intended in class. Ugh.

10. Expecting something helpful in a workshop, and getting a whole afternoon’s worth of nuthin’ (though, I suppose, this is another way of expressing #7; the workshop didn’t deliver what it promised).

11. Computers (or cars, or any such something) that act up on me, but that work just fine in the presence of others (especially the others I depend upon to fix such things when they break). Twice I’ve brought a computer to one of my colleagues (who is good at making them do his bidding), complaining that it wasn’t working and twice has that colleague handed the thing back to me, claiming that he couldn’t reproduce my problem. He returns to me a computer buzzing with happy compliance and function. GRRRRR!

*Chili’s note; I’m not in a mood, though this might lead you to believe I am. It’s just that this was the quickest list I could come up with today…



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10 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday, Plus One

  1. twoblueday

    Re: #10

    Lawyers have to take a certain number of hours of Continuing Legal Education periodically to keep their license.

    I have never been to a session of Continuing Legal Education which wasn’t a boring snoozer telling the attendees stuff that if they didn’t already know it, they shoulda been in another line of work. A one-page mailer coulda covered the material.


  2. lazyllama27

    I agree with number one! I also get irritated when people do not use their lights when it’s raining or foggy, making it impossible to see them!

  3. I’m with TBD where it’s worse to not expect to gain anything useful from mandatory training, being forced to go, and being right about the uselessness.

  4. Jaqui

    What about students who cant come to class because its, sigh, raining…

    Yes Principal Blah Blah I cant work today or teach because its raining.

    Wonder when the real world is going to smack them on the head?

  5. I can so relate to this list. Especially #10.

  6. Re: #11 – now that I’m a tech support rep for a cell phone company I have come up with a stock reply for people who claim to have trouble with their phone only to have it work perfectly in my presence:

    “I believe there are such things as cell phone gremlins. There are two in each phone. One to mess up your phone, and the other to watch for you to walk into the store to complain about it. As soon as you walk in, the lookout turns to the saboteur and says “Stop! Stop! Wait until I tell you it’s ok to start back up again.”


  7. Ooooh, feisty! I like it.

  8. I’m with you on numbers 1 and 4!

  9. Big yes on the lack of blinker usage. They’re installed for a reason. You are not immune.

    And the workshop waste of time. Really gets to me. These days I pay for my workshops and I get so ticked when the presenter goes over the same tired information. I need the latest, not the ancient history of the thing.

  10. 1. I thought (by being there and experiencing it) that the people in New England were better drivers than any place else I’ve been. You would burst an artery in your brain if you had to drive in New Mexico or southwest Missouri!

    2/3. This makes me SO angry I can’t even begin to explain it. And what I hate is that this is SO prevalent that a parent who isn’t like this gets punished in so many ways for it because it’s not normal.

    6. For me the reason is usually Claritin, which I have to take periodically (and for 2+ months straight in the fall) in order to sleep at all. But those nights make me crazy. And the mildly annoying snoring on those nights nearly becomes grounds for divorce.

    7. That would be about 97% of the people with whom I come in contact.

    11. Ditto. Cars more than computers for me.

    *I don’t care if you ARE in a mood.

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