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I’m going to a student-teacher-parent meeting this afternoon with Beanie and her teachers.

It has become all the vogue for parent-teacher meetings to not only include the student, but for that student to run the meeting.  My small people were sent home with guidelines for how to direct their meetings with their teachers and parents.  I’m glad that the school did this; we tried to run student-led conferences at CHS, and they were kind of a flop.  It’s hard to have a student-led conference when the student in question is content to sit in sullen silence.

I don’t think that’s going to be an issue with either of my children, however.  Beanie is an effusive little thing and can talk for sustained periods about all the things that excite her in school (she’s currently working on a Native American project in social studies that has her practically buzzing).  Punkin’ Pie also has quite a lot to say about some of her more recent experiences in school, though I think that she may need a bit more prompting than her sister will – many of the things that she has to talk about aren’t all that pleasant.  Her meeting is tomorrow morning, and I get the feeling that she’s dreading it.

It’s going to be interesting for me to sit on the other side of the desk for these things. I’ve only briefly met my children’s teachers, so I’m not really prepared for what I might find in terms of personalities (though I have met Bean’s primary teachers before; she is in the same class that Punkin’ was in when she was a fifth grader).  I plan to come to the conferences with print-outs of my girls’ Edline pages in the hopes that I can get some more commitment from some of the teachers about their sites; I’m more than willing to be an advocate for school at home (I mean, come on; really?  MORE than willing), but I have to know what I’m advocating FOR…



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