It’s That Time Again…

Even if I weren’t aware of the calendar, I’d know it was the holiday shopping season simply by the number of catalogues that are showing up in my mailbox lately.  (I swear; Land’s End must be flush with cash, because they sure aren’t shy about spending it on catalogues – I get at least two a week!)

I spent a few minutes this morning updating my Amazon wish list.  Even though I know my in-laws won’t use it (did I tell you the story about the year they tried to use Amazon wish lists?  Every gift my bruder-in-law got from his parents was an item from MY list..), I know that Mr. Chili can go there and find things that he can suggest to his parents.   As most of those things are books, and as delighted as my in-laws are to spend time in book stores, they’ll be more than happy to knock off some of my wishes.

Though I’m not sure how well I’ll do this year, I am hoping to do much of my shopping from my computer.  The idea of Bring-It-To-My-Door is, I think, a lovely way to deal with the holiday shopping crowds and all the attendant lunacy associated with them.  Also, knowing how terrible I am at getting to the post office means that having presents delivered is a really good idea for me.

I know I won’t do all my shopping online; I am going to hit up a local Stonewall Kitchens outlet for my coworkers, for example, but the store is in the opposite direction as the major shopping Mecca in my area, so that shouldn’t be too taxing a trip; I’ll get there after lunch with Bobbie one afternoon.  I’ve also got a couple of presents already bought; I try to make a point of picking up things that speak to me of this or that friend regardless of the time of year; I’ve got a couple of gifts for Mr. Chili and O’Mama that I obtained in my travels this summer, and I grabbed a present for Bruder while I was visiting my sister last week.

How are YOU getting ready for that most wonderful time of the year?



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21 responses to “It’s That Time Again…

  1. Getting ready with a big old glass of denial.

    I’ll start thinking of all of this after finals.

    Booger’s birthday is Dec. 8 and we’ve decided to purchase a Wii. My sister and mom are on board with Wii-type gifts for her birthday and Christmas. It’s a big gift for an 8th birthday and we’ve struggled with it for a few months.

    The truth is, it’s a for the three of us. She’ll love it and we’ll all get to play.

    • We considered a Wii, too, but we decided against it. It would just be another thing to fight with the girls about; until they can get in the habit of making sure that their homework is done and their duties (clean room, empty dishwasher, new kitty water) are complete every day, the Wii would just be another thing we’d have to tell them “no” for.

  2. We’re waiting for a bonus for Cookiemaker and a travel reimbursement for me before we head down to your neck of the woods so we can avoid paying our state’s sales tax.

    Shhh – don’t tell anyone! 🙂

    If the timing works out, wanna get together with us that day?

  3. I have one present left to buy and then I’m done. Yay! I did a lot of my shopping online because I absolutely hate fighting the crowds and love getting fun stuff in the mail.

  4. Heaping helping of denial in a cream sauce of terror. Looked at my spreadsheet last night, came up entirely blank of ideas and dry heaved for a few minutes.

    Perhaps today I’ll peek at Etsy. Good deals, good stuff, handmade.

  5. I shall try and travel to a place where christmas is not celebrated…

    • You know what, Rosie? EVERY SINGLE YEAR, we three – my husband, my beloved bruder-in-law and myself – threaten to spend Christmas someplace warm and sandy where they put little umbrellas in fruity drinks. Someday, we’ll actually do it….

  6. I’ve always wanted to celebrate the European Christmas on January 6 so I can just buy everything on sale after Christmas…

  7. I’m also in denial. But now that you’ve got me thinking about the gifting, I’ve got good ideas brewing.

  8. mccgood

    We pick names on my husband’s side of the family and now not only do we pick names we have started asking for “help” with larger ticket items, so my SIL and her husband wanted a large cooler for Christmas. I just happened to have my SIL’s name and my other SIL had the husband of said SIL we went in together on a large cooler, We bought my in laws tickets to few college basketball games and that side is DONE!

    I am stuck on my niece and nephew, I was going to buy them a family membership to the new science museum that opened in the summer, but it seems as if they already have that *DRAT*

    My husband and I haven’t decided what we are doing for each-other his birthday is 5 days after Christmas. Which adds more of a spin to this whole thing.

    I am not a fan of Christmas because of all the running around.

  9. We’ve been ordering things for Trey online and other than that, I’m getting ready by jamming in as much homework as possible. Other than reading a couple of books this week, I’m hoping to be able to relax a bit.

  10. another sue

    I quit the whole gift giving thing a few years back. Just announced it and quit. Such a relief. And I have many envious friends! They just have not been able to follow suit, although they say that they want to. That being said, I, of course, break my own rule in order to buy a little something for my granddaughter. This year is a cute apron with a kids cookbook wrapped in it. Meanwhile, I do bake cookies like a mad woman and deliver them to friends, and always a tray for each shift at the nursing home for those folks who end up working on Christmas day. One year my friends and neighbors didn’t get the cookies because we had a major ice storm and I just drove around to where the crews were working and handed out containers of cookies. Seemed like the thing to do. When people ask if I’m ready for Christmas, I just say, “Christmas? That’s a religious holiday, right? Yep! I’m ready!”. I’m not particularly religious but usually the person asking is, and it kinda’ makes them stop and think. Never a bad thing, right?

    • I, too, bake like a madwoman around the holidays, though my repertoire is more along the lines of mini loaves of quick breads than cookies (though I make a frickin’ MEAN shortbread; it’s the nearly undiluted Scots in me, I think). I think, this year, that I’m going to send a basket to the Hospice workers who cared for Mom. I bet they think I’ve forgotten about them, but I really have not…

  11. Leaving at 4 am on black Friday to go shopping with my peep, as always. I don’t know why I do it, I never buy anything. I like to wait until the week before Christmas to buy gifts.

  12. We’re getting ready to put on Cups of Kindness, our benefit for the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank. We have about 120 pieces of art donated by over 70 artists.

  13. I’m doing all homemade this year. Jams, knitted flower-shaped washcloths, little sachets of different tea varieties (need to clean out my tea shelf, it’s pretty ridiculous, so that’s two birds with one stone), handmade jewelry. Most of my circle of family and friends have been cheap with their time when selecting gifts for me for the past few years, and I’m tired of being thoughtful when I get junk I don’t need in return. So I’m just doing the same homemade stuff for everybody.

  14. Laurie B

    I’m with another sue. We just said that we’re not gifting, please don’t gift us either. Our neices and nephews are all just starting families, we’d rather they not spend money they really can’t spare buying us stuff. We get a nice note or a photo of each family and we all cook a nice meal, play Pictionary very loudly and just enjoy time together.

    Between us we have 6 grand neices and nephews all under the age of six. We do a subscription to The National Wildlife books for each littlie. Some got “Animal Babies” and have moved up to “My Big Backyard” for early readers. The new littlies are now getting their own “Animal Babies” books.

    We also know that little kids love to open presents so we buy and wrap coloring books and crayons and fun little things for the big present opening event. If you’re under ten, you get some simple gifts. If you’re over ten, come help cook, hang out, talk, play Pictionary.

    Pretty low key all in all. Normally we buy things we see and like for our friends and families all year long but we don’t hoard them but just say, “hey, I saw this and thought you’d like it”, here you go!

    We also spoil each other all the time, meals out, a nice bottle of wine, tickets to a show, so BEW and I don’t really buy gifts for Christmas. Last year it was a big TV, this coming year it’ll be a sabbatical away. We’ll keep tucking money away for that. It’s not just the Merry Christmas, we’re more about being thankful for “it’s a wonderful life” .

  15. sphyrnatude

    enjoying (yet again) the fact that I’m a Jew, and can simply sit back and laugh at the whole “gotta buy presents” thing…

  16. twoblueday

    Ah, shopping.

    I’m with Grammar Snob on this–big old glass of denial.

  17. We’ve cut back our spending quite a bit this year but most everything is done (thankfully). We will be staying out of the stores as much as possible from now until the end of the year.

    We decided to get my brother a “family” gift since they never send anything for Hubby. We bought them a game for their Wii and will be giving them 2-3 other Wii games that we bought, tried, and just didn’t enjoy because they are geared more toward children and there aren’t any in our house (there are 3 children in his home so they will LOVE them).

    FIL is getting a website for his restaurant. Bob is going to make it. MIL and SIL are getting makeup organizers that can do double duty as a purse. Mom and Grandma are getting slot machine computer games and puzzles (this is what they do all day when they aren’t sewing). Niece is getting a furry little purse we bought online for $5 which has a fake credit card, phone, and lipstick in it (she’s 2 1/2). Nephew is getting crayons and activity books.

    The only people we don’t have gifts for yet is my Dad and BIL and Dad’s will be done this week BEFORE Black Friday.

    Hubby and I will be purchasing a new pot and pan set as our gifts to each other this year. =)

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