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Quick Hit

Today is World AIDS Day.

Awareness is important. Education is vital. Activism matters.

Thank you, Auntie, for the work that you do.


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Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things for which I am grateful.

You all know that I’m grateful for my family and my friends and my health and blah, blah, blah. Let’s just assume those as givens and move on, shall we?

1. I’m thankful for hair conditioner. There’s something about soft, shiny, tangle-less hair (that smells pretty!) that makes me feel a little extra good about myself.

2. I’m grateful that my car has heated seats, and that gratitude is going to continue to deepen as the season progresses. Nothing says comfort like a warm kiester.

3. I’m grateful for wireless internet access at school, and anywhere else (though a little less so for the “free” wifi in restaurants and such that require me to log in. Thanks, but I’d rather not). SO much information at my fingertips!

4. Speaking of my fingertips, I’m grateful that I know how to type. If I weren’t able to get my words down as quickly as I do, I think I might explode.

5. I’m thankful for ATM machines, self-check out lines, and RedBoxes (when they’re all working, of course).

6. I’m grateful for my iPhone. It’s my calendar, my alarm clock, my lifeline to people I love, and so much more, all in one cool little package.

7. I’m grateful for good writers, be they of blogs, newspaper articles, t.v. shows, novels, or movies. I really do love a good story, and I have a deep appreciation for the people who can come up with them.

8. I’m thankful for central heating, electricity, and on-demand hot water. I live in an age of boundless wonder, and don’t think I don’t know it.

9. I’m grateful for internet shopping. That I can have a man in a funny brown suit bring things to my door is a sublime joy (so much the better when the term “free shipping” is involved). I find, as I get older, that shopping – especially around the holidays – just doesn’t hold the same appeal it did when I was younger. Now, I’m all about the end result, and process be damned.

10. I’m grateful for warm socks, pretty much anything that’s Polarfleece, and comfy shoes. So much the better if they’re pretty, but the way they look is entirely secondary to the way they feel.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


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