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Quick Hit: Oh, Joy…


Snow Likely Chance for Measurable Precipitation 70%
Lo 22 °F


Heavy Snow Chance for Measurable Precipitation 100%
Hi 36 °F

My dearest wish is that it either starts early enough to cancel school altogether or holds off until we can all get home. Sigh…


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Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things I’ve been tempted to say lately, but haven’t:

1.  Do you have any idea how stupid you sounded just then?

2.  Really?  THAT’S what you’re going to wear?

3.  I do not care.  No, really; I don’t.

4.  Turn it sideways and shove it up your ass.

5.  Wow; really?  You’re that petty?

6.  …because I know how to do my job, that’s how…

7.  Prepare for a career in fast food or convenience retail, kid.

8.  You’re really going to look me in the face and hand me that line of bullshit?  Wow; you’ve got some stones.

9.  You really don’t know how what you’re saying sounds to me right now, do you?

10.  That’s the best ya got?


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