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Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Practical Presents.

People keep asking me the question, and I’m having a hard time coming up with good answers.  Here, then, are ten things I wouldn’t mind receiving for Christmas.  They may not be glamorous, but they sure are useful (at least, to me)!

1.  Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream and Radiance Exfoliating Body Wash:

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I have little tins of the cuticle cream all over the place, and I always want more.  I use the body wash as my facial cleanser, and I love it.

2.  I’ve actually asked Santa for a new wiper for the back window of my car.

3.  Car wash and detail certificates would be so welcomed.  I hate it when my black car turns white in the winter, and I never have enough fortitude to vacuum the thing in the wintertime; it’s too cold, even in my garage, so by the time spring comes around (never soon enough), my car is just a rolling sandbox.

4.  Ink for my printer.  I just went to St*ples yesterday to buy a new cartridge for my printer and damn! that shit’s expensive!  I’ve got to get my kids to quit emailing me their papers (or I  need to learn to grade them online…).

5.  Office supplies.  Pens (these are my all-time favorites!), binder clips, tape, glue, sticky notes (especially the little flag kind that I use to mark up my books as I read), scissors, staplers, highlighters – pretty much all of it is always high on teachers’ wish lists (especially for teachers who have daughters who regularly make off with such things for their craft projects..).

6.  Vanilla beans.  Yeah, I know! You didn’t expect that, did you?  Seriously, though; last year, Meadmaker gave me a vacuum-sealed bag of 15 vanilla beans as a gift (it may have even been a Christmas gift, but it was just as likely for my birthday) and it was a fantastic present!  Of course, I have the horribly conflicting desire to use them all up and to hoard them as if they were the last on earth (I’m down to about six, and I’m going to have to use another one for the new bottle of rum I’m going to buy in a week or so).  Very little is as precious to a cook (especially one who specializes in baked goodies – or who likes vanilla rum in her dietcoke) as real vanilla beans.

7.  Garbage bags.  My town makes us buy special bags (boo!  hiss!) and I ALWAYS forget to buy new ones.  Having a stockpile would be awesome.

8.  Quarters.  My answer used to be “highway tokens,” but our state did away with those several years ago.  Still, I’m almost always short on change in the car, and a roll of quarters would serve not only to get me through tolls (I refuse to get an e-z pass) but would also feed meters when I can’t find a faculty parking spot at L.U.

9.  Vacuum cleaner bags.  Again, really not glamorous but, like the garbage bags, I never remember to buy new ones until I’m literally out (and up the proverbial creek because of it).  Pisses me off every time, and I always feel safer when I’ve got a package of the things in reserve.

10.  Lip balm.  Actually, Santa usually leaves this in our stockings, so we’re pretty well covered (heh) around this time of year.  Like the cuticle cream, lip balm is something I try to have in all my briefcases, a pocket of my jacket, the car, the bedside, my desk at school, next to the couch….

So!  What’s on YOUR practical list?

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


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