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I’ve Got a New Sister!

Auntie proposed to The Girl on Christmas night!

My sister is someone who does not give it up easily.  She’s lovely and friendly and fun, but she’s also careful and guarded and wary, so when she loves you, you KNOW she means it.  About, oh, I don’t know, a month or so into her relationship with The Girl (we’re going to have to come up with a better blog name for her, don’t you think?) I was having lunch with Auntie when she said something like, “I know it sounds too soon to say this, but I think she’s The ONE.”

I was not surprised, but I was beyond delighted.  For a very, very long time, I’ve wished that my sister could find someone with whom she could be safe and happy and contented.  Auntie is someone who, like me, needs the grounding and stability that comes with a strong and healthy relationship and, thus far, that kind of relationship had eluded her.  That she had found someone who wanted the same things she did and who was willing to go the distance sent me right to the moon.

They’d talked a lot about getting married (now that our state – for the moment – will allow them to marry), but my sister told her beloved that she would never – NEVER, she said! – propose on a major holiday.  It’s lame, she thinks (actually, she says “it’s gay!”), so The Girl was prepared to not get a ring on Christmas.

Except that a couple of weeks before Christmas, my sister called me and asked me to get her in touch with Bowyer (who’s got some pretty serious experience in the diamond business) to see about getting a ring in time to do just that.  The entire Chili family met Auntie, Bowyer and Tonks in the mall on the weekend before Christmas to look at diamonds.

Auntie didn’t find anything she liked.  It was important to her that TG’s ring be unique – that no one else would have the same one – and she just wasn’t going to find that in the mall.  She was all stressed out when she left us, so I told her that I would go to the jewelers’ here in my hometown to see what they had in the way of one-of-a-kind pieces that were within her budget.

Nothing.  The closest I could get was a lovely ring with a teeny-tiny diamond that may or may not have been ready in time for Christmas.  Nothing doing.

When I called Auntie to tell her that, she was already in Quaint Coastal City to the South and asked me if I knew of any jewelry stores there.  I put her on speaker and accessed my iPhone to tell her that, indeed, there was an estate jeweler’s right near where she was.

About an hour and a half later, I got a phone call.  “Check your email,” she said.  This is what I found:

It’s a lovely piece from the 1940’s.  No one The Girl is ever going to meet will have the same ring.  Unique?  Check!

BUT, I’m sworn to secrecy, right?  Auntie’s going to propose on Christmas NIGHT – the girls and I can’t let on that we know anything about it.  GAH!

Even though TG knows that she’s not going to get a ring for Christmas (because, you know, that’s GAY!), she’s still really disappointed.  (“Curtains,” she said.  “Auntie got me curtains.”)  It was SO hard to not say anything – to not even HINT at anything – but I couldn’t.  Not only did I not want to wreck the surprise (because I, myself, love surprises; especially ones like this!), but I knew for sure that my sister would murder me bare-handed if I spilled it, so I kept my pretty little trap shut (and threatened the girls with dire consequences  – dismemberment was not out of the question – if they spilled it.  They were too engrossed in the day to even consider such a thing, so it was all good)

So, the way they tell it, they make it home on Christmas night after making sojourns to Chez Chili and to TG’s family’s place south of Boston.  They’re beat.  They’re hungry.  All they want to do is crash in their jammies with some muchies on the couch.  Auntie’s got the ring in her jammie-pants’ pocket, unbeknownst to TG (who, by this time, had gotten over her disappointment at getting curtains instead of a ring).  She looks at TG and says, “You know, there is one thing I really wanted for Christmas that I didn’t get.” – at which point TG is thinking “Yeah?  Well, *I* got curtains!”  She doesn’t say that, though; she says; “Really, Honey?  What did you want that you didn’t get?”

“An official yes.”

When Auntie described TG’s response over lunch last Sunday, I nearly shot soda out my nose.  Her eyes got HUGE, her mouth was open, she looked completely dumbfounded – and The Girl was at the other end of the table nodding and laughing and saying “I’m absolutely sure I looked JUST like that.”

They’re thinking of an October wedding.  I care neither for the date nor the type or scale of the festivities; what matters to me is that my sister has found her ONE.  As someone who has her ONE, I know that is the single most important piece in my life, and I am positively joyous that Auntie has that, now, too.

Plus, I have a new sister to love!


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