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Seven Word Sunday, Plus a Few More

I hate pumping gas in -1° wind.

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It’s fucking COLD out, you guys.  We’re not supposed to exceed about 25° today, and right after the weather guy said that, he said that 25 is the temperature the thermometer will (no, sorry – make that might) read; the wind blowing around here makes the effective temperature about -1.  Great.  I’m going to leave the house this morning in a couple layers of polarfleece, and I’ll sit on my gloves to warm them on the heated seat in anticipation of having to pump my gas.  I’ve got to remember to discharge my static first; if you hear of a tragic fireball in a New England gas station, you’ll know I forgot.

The sleepover went well.  The little girls are up and giggling in the guest room; the big girls are still passed out upstairs.  I feel a little bad about leaving Mr. Chili here with that many kids while I go teach yoga, but I’m relatively certain they’ll pay him no heed at all.  I’ll cart them all home when I get back, so our afternoon will be pretty quiet.

I’m hoping to get a chance to see O’Mama for a bit this afternoon, and I’m going to spend a little bit of time up to my elbows in bread dough.  I’m also going to prepare for the start of the new semester at CHS; I’m excited to go to work tomorrow!

Happy Sunday, Everyone!


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Am I Cool, or Crazy? You Decide.

This afternoon, my husband and I are going to be host to five – count ’em, FIVE – girls, three nearly-13-year-olds and two almost-elevens. Our plan is to take them (in two cars, of course) to the movie theatre to see Avatar. From there, we’ll bundle everyone across the parking lot to the mall, where some sort of light repast will be taken in the food court. Afterward, Daddy will take the two younger ladies home while I will sit in the Sears courtyard with my book while the three tweens “go shopping” for about an hour (Gerry, Punkin’ is particularly delighted with you and Mimi right now; she’s planning to spend your Christmas gift to her on jeans and earrings). Afterward, I’ll take the girls home where a sleepover will commence.

This could be really great or an unmitigated disaster. I’m not worried about having the girls out in public; my concern is whether or not I’m going to be able to sleep at all tonight. I’ve already told my daughters that they are welcome to stay up all night if they like, but that I’m instituting a moratorium on noise after 10:30; I’ve got to get up to teach a yoga class tomorrow morning. I’m keeping my hopes up, though, that it’s all going to go just fine.

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Wish me luck


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Yet Again…

… I’m a little too busy to devote any kind of focused attention to the blogs. I’m wrapping up last term and thinking hard about next (not to mention planning and photocopying and…). That being the case, you don’t get articulate profundity today (hey, wait; do you ever get that here…?). Instead, you’re getting a quote I found on Donna’s site today, because it resonated with me and the work I’m doing to try to change the culture of CHS and the way we teach the kids put in our charge:

“Few things help an individual more than to place responsibility upon him, and to let him know that you trust him.”
— Booker T. Washington


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Quick Hit

I don’t have anything for you today. It’s wicked cold, there’s a front moving through, and my arthritis is kicking up, so I feel like the world’s oldest 41-year-old. I’ve taken a pill and I’m going to bed. More tomorrow…


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Quick Hit: The State of the Union

So far, I’m nodding in agreement. We ARE sick of the pettiness and ineffectiveness of government, Mr. President, but I have to tell you that I am a little less hopeful about America’s future than you are right now….


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Nearly Wordless Wednesday

I just got off the phone with Mom’s accountant.  He seems to be of the strong impression that I don’t have to file a tax return, either for her personally (as she had no income) or for the estate (as it has no assets, let alone assets totaling more than 3 million dollars)!

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My outlook just got a whole lot better.


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Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Annoying Things (in no particular order).

1.  Kids – who were given class time to finish an assignment – who don’t turn anything in.  Oh, even better?  Kids who complain to other teachers that they can’t do the assignments for THAT class because they’re too busy working on things for MINE, THEN don’t turn anything in.  GAH!

2.  Dirty clothes on the floor… in front of the hamper.

3.  Paper cuts.

4.  Typing errors that I find AFTER I hit “submit” on a friend’s blog.

5.  Cats who wail to go out… then wail to come in… then wail to go out….

6.  Automated solicitation calls.

7.  Unexplainable malfunction that can’t be repeated in the presence of someone who might be able to fix it  (cars, computers, internet connections, whatever…)

8.  Kids who lie to your face when they KNOW you know they’re lying.

9.  People who complain about something (the schools, the “system,” whatever) but don’t care enough to, you know, actually DO something about it.

10.  Politicians in general, but specifically people who SAY they’re working in our best interests, then do everything seemingly counter to that interest.



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