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Ten Things Tuesday

Another “Randomness” edition;

1. It looks like we won’t be going to Florida in February after all. Mr. Chili found out – yesterday – that there’s a “critical design review meeting” for the project he’s working on that’s being held on the Tuesday and Wednesday of our vacation week. Since I won’t go on a family vacation without the anchor of my family, we’re going to stay here with him. I’m trying very hard to be a big girl about it.

2. I’ve been cooking with onions a lot lately, which has led me to two conclusions; I want one of these:

and that I like the smell of onions that lingers on my hands even after I’ve washed the dishes.

3. I still haven’t figured the whole facebook thing out yet (though I do go there once a day or so and I try to post an update every now and then), and I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to get into Twitter. I’ll just stick to my lowly little blog and my cell phone texts.

4. I’ve got five past-their-prime bananas on the counter, which means I’ve got some baking to do. I’ll probably make my banana cranberry muffins and I’m going to try this recipe for banana cupcakes (which I got through Mamie’s blog; thanks, Honey!), though I’m afraid that the cupcake frosting is going to make me want to make a batch of carrot cake, too, and I don’t think my ass needs that…

5.  Mr. Chili pulled the proverbial trigger on the big-screen t.v. about a week ago.  It should be here any day now, and we’re trying to decide what the first thing we watch on it should be.  It occurred to me the other day that instead of trying to come up with some whiz-bang special effects movie (like we’d been doing), we should pop in our all-time favorite, beloved Hunt for Red October.

6,  I know it’s winter.  Wanna know how I know?  Well, besides the stupid cold and all the white stuff on the ground, my black car is a sickly shade of gray, the cats are spending all their time indoors, it’s dark at 3:30 in the afternoon, and there are icicles hanging past my windows.  Sigh.

7.  I did yoga two days in a row this week.  I taught my regular class on Sunday, and I promised Bobbie that I’d lead her through a practice on Monday nights at my house, and that started last night.  I’m a little sore (and more than a little abashed that this is true).  This is leading me to think that once-a-week yoga is, as I’ve long suspected, wholly insufficient.  Now, let’s see if I actually DO anything about that realization…

8.  I have to have my license renewed this year – this month, in fact –  and I’m already dreading the new picture.  I’ve been universally disappointed with all pictures of me lately, and I have no reason to suspect that the DMV will do me any justice.  I seem to have bad photography karma lately, too; Mr. Chili didn’t stick around so that Kizz could take our annual in-front-of-the-tree picture (she’d have done a MUCH better job than we did with the camera timer) and the photographer I contacted about a month ago about a family sitting still hasn’t gotten back to me yet.  Sigh.  I want to buy Karen a plane ticket and bring her here for a weekend; I’m not sure that woman is capable of taking a bad picture…

9.  I am insanely grateful for my neighbor.  She and I have been spending a little more time together lately and I spent an hour or so over at her place a couple of days ago.  While I was there, I lamented about my dumbass friend, and she gently, lovingly, and firmly reminded me that his journey is not my responsibility.  It’s certainly okay for me to say what I will and will not participate in – what I will and will not watch him do – but I don’t have to tie myself up in knots because he seems bent on self-destruction.  HIS journey, HIS lessons.  I needed to hear that.  Thanks, Kate.

10.  I am several chapters in to The Zookeeper’s Wife by Diane Ackerman.  It’s the story of the couple who ran the Warsaw Zoo during WWII and how they hid a number of Jews during the Nazi occupation.  I’ve wanted this book for a while, and my mother-in-law gifted it to me for Christmas this year.  I’ve not quite gotten to the punchline of the book yet, but I’m enjoying the build-up (as much as one can be said to “enjoy” watching a city be devastated by war).  I’m eager to see how the whole thing plays out.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


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