Daily Archives: January 15, 2010


In an hour and 25 minutes, I’ll have completed my 41st trip around the sun.  So far, it’s been quite a ride.

I am not someone who’s stressed out by her age.  In fact, I really looked forward to 35; it was then that I really felt like an authentic adult.  40 didn’t bother me at all, either, though I had much higher hopes for the year than how it actually turned out.  I’m glad I had the experiences I had and learned the lessons that I did, but I really thought, last year on this date, that my 40s would start off much smoother – and happier – than they did.

I’m not at all worried, though, as I continue to have faith in the progress of the Universe (and my own little place in it).  I am healthy and contented.  I am well loved and safe.  I have everything I need and, really, everything I want. I have an astoundingly happy family and I have glorious friends.  I have a job that I adore, and work enough to keep me busy and productive.  My life is good, and I’m grateful every day to be living it.

So here’s to 41.  My wish as I blow out my candles will be that this year will offer me a bit of a smoother ride than last, but that I also continue to be mindfully aware of all that my life has to teach me.  I remain open to love and friendship, and I promise to continue to work to make my little corner of the world a brighter, safer, smarter place.


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