Three for Thursday

Three things I’m doing instead of blogging:

1.  Putting the finishing touches on the materials I’m using for my next round of CHS classes.

2.  Taking care of fussy little housekeeping things (like filling the humidifiers and wiping up salty-sandy footprints in the foyer) that have been bugging me for days.

3.  Going out for my “birthday dinner” with my in-laws (no, they didn’t forget; they’ve just been busy since the 15th and this is their first free evening).

I hope your day is as productive as mine has been!



Filed under Little Bits of Nothingness, my oh-so-exciting life

3 responses to “Three for Thursday

  1. twoblueday

    Which seafood restaurant?

  2. Laurie B

    Good! Hope dinner was delish and the company was fine. Mr.Chili brings that average up from “OK”, don’t you agree?

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