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So, I’m learning what one does when one’s freezer has been offline for three days…

So far, I’ve got two dozen rhubarb pecan muffins (and I’m still throwing out several pounds of nearly-thawed rhubarb that, if I try to refreeze it, will be freezer burned beyond recognition) and am in the process of two dozen blueberry muffins.  We’re having half-thawed tortellini for dinner (which should be none the worse for wear).

Ooof.  My colleagues (and my students) are going to LOVE me tomorrow; there’s no way I’m keeping all of these goodies in my house….


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Quick Hit: Three Days

The power came back on at a little after 11:25 this morning. It’s
going to take a while to set everything back to rights (and warm the
place up) and we’ve still got to eat out because we lost everything in
the fridge, but the power is back on!

I’d have made a lousy pioneer woman…


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Quick Hit: All We Need Now are Locusts


The power is still out, and now it’s 29 degrees and snowing outside.

Bean and I spent the night across the street (Punkin couldn’t sleep
and went back home at a little after midnight). I’m house sitting for
my neighbors, and they invited us to stay here where their hard-wired
generator runs most of the house, so we were, at least, warm. Mr.
Chili spent the night, I’m sure, locked in combat with the borrowed
generator, trying to coax it to give out energy the furnace would like.

In short, we’re all cold, cranky, and sleep-deprived. Maybe now Mr.
Chili will take me up on my request that we consider moving to a more
hospitable climate.



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Quick Hit: In the Dark

Mr. Chili has a borrowed generator pumping the pool out of our
basement and running one heating zone. I’m bunkered in the guest room
reading by candle light.

Someone tell me again why I live here?


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Well, Blow Me

The wind knocked the power out at about midnight. The power runs the
sump pump. No sump pump + lots of rain (LOTS of rain) = water in the
Chili basement (LOTS of water). This is probably the straw that
breaks Mr. Chili’s generator-buying back. Wish us luck…


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It’s cold, gray, and rainy here today, and I’m completely uninspired to anything.  Blah.

On my list of things to do are laundry (I’m working it – I’ve run two loads already and two more are in the machines), grocery shopping (I’m composing a list as I make my way through my morning), lesson planning (which I’m doing in bits and pieces), and making some phone calls.

So far, I’ve determined that I am NOT on the rotating Saturday schedule for yoga class at Local U. (which is a relief; I was reasonably sure that I was, but that I’d not put my days on my calendar.  It occurred to me last night that I may have completely blown off a class, and that’s not something I wanted to do) and I’ve been in touch with my chiropractor and have secured an appointment at three this afternoon.  On my way in I’ll stop at CHS and print out some PDFs of articles I downloaded off of the LU library site, and on my way out I’ll drop by the market and pick up supplies.  My plan is to make a loaf of strawberry bread (it’s a new recipe I’m trying out; if I love it, I’ll post it in the kitchen), but I have NO idea what to put together for dinner tonight, so any suggestions anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.

Boy; for not being motivated, I’m actually getting a lot of shit done, huh?


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Ten Things Tues… er… Wednesday

I had crappy access to internet on our mini-vacation, so I didn’t even TRY to do a Ten Things Tuesday from my phone. Here, then, are ten things on my mind today (which is Wednesday, for those of you keeping track).

1. I’m SO glad the weather we’re getting is rain. If this were snow, we’d be literally buried.

2. The girls and I went to O’Mama’s for breakfast (real oatmeal… mmmmm!) and then got in the car and went to pick up The Girl for lunch. She broke her shoulder almost two months ago and is still out of work (!) and Auntie told me the other day that she’s been spending too much time at home, alone, isolated, and sad. I couldn’t have that, so we stole her for some girl time and lunch at Bertucci’s. While we were out, I bought a copy of Outlander for her to read. I fully expect to hear from her in a few days, begging me to bring the next book over as soon as possible (which, of course, I will)…

3. I’m trying (and failing) to not fret about some of my students. I know I’m supposed to be on vacation, but I can’t help it.

4. I need to start seeing my chiropractor again. The problem is that, since I started working, our hours are entirely incompatible. I’m trying to get an appointment with him this week; maybe we can work something out.

5. I start teaching yoga at Bowyer’s school next Tuesday afternoon. I’m looking forward to practicing more than just once a week, and I’m hopeful that this gig (which runs Tuesdays and Fridays through April 9th) will be enough to help me solidify a new habit.

6. I need to get myself in gear and plan my classes through the April vacation. It’s not going to be a difficult thing to do, really, I just need to set aside some time to do it. I also need to figure out sub plans for next Friday because…

7. I’m going to a seminar on the history of slavery in pre-Revolutionary War America. I’ve been doing the reading (so far, from American Slavery 1619-1877 by Peter Kolchin) and have been thinking a lot about the idea Kolchin puts forth that slavery as a concept was not especially distasteful to a greater percentage the people of that era.  Society was far more stratified then, I understand, and people were used to oppression from those “above” them; slavery was considered part of the natural order of things by most people until the Great Awakening of the mid-1700s.  THIS is the kind of thing I’m taking this course for – not only do I spend a fair bit of time teaching my kids the history they need in order to begin to approach the literature we read, but *I* need to have the opportunity to think in ways that I might not get to all on my own.  I love being a student.

8.  I think I may have found a recipe I can make work for the roasted garlic and cheese cream sauce I had at the Cheesecake Factory earlier this week.  I’m still eating the leftovers from that trip, though, so you’ll have to wait until I run out and have to make my own to find out whether it’s any good or not.  I will report findings (and a recipe, if it’s good) as soon as I have them.

9.  I’m working REALLY hard to get over being incredibly pissed off at someone I really love very much.  This person’s been going through a crisis for the better part of a year, and for the better part of a year I’ve been gently reminding this person that I’m here and happy to listen.  The other day, I mentioned it again, and was told that I’m not a comfortable person to talk to because I’m “too biased.”  There are about five different reasons why this infuriates me, and I’m trying to decide whether it’s worth it to point out to this person that the path we took to get to where we are was NOT of MY choosing.  The thing is, though, I’m not sure that my person is in any condition to hear that right now, and I’m damned sure that my person doesn’t want to add me to the list of things to be reconciled and dealt with.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.

10.  Mr. Chili and I went to see The Book of Eli the other day (the Movie Gods were with us on Monday night; Eli started at 4:40 and The Last Olympian started for the girls in the next theatre over at 4:45, so we all got to see what we wanted).  Like The Sixth Sense, Eli was a movie I wanted to see again IMMEDIATELY after the credits rolled; there was a lot I missed.  I’m looking forward to having it out on DVD now that I know what to look for…

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!


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